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I began this journey aeons ago, or so it seems, accompanied by nothing but words. My fascination with words has thus always been an aspect of my nature, a part of my life. Living with words is to realise that all of creation is but a word uttered and revealed before time was made known to humankind.

When gazing upon the stars or the face of the moon, when shielding my eyes from the dazzle of the sun, I do so with the knowledge that all and everything in this vast realm of the seen is speaking a language of truth. Since all things are but an outcome of the truth, they must of necessity speak nothing but the truth, as no other language is known to them. They are true to their nature and purpose.

Only mankind, with his beauty, complexity, inner contradictions and weaknesses, is endowed with the ability to choose the language he desires to speak, and thus decide the direction of his own destiny. In other words, it is mankind alone who has the ability to freely enter into truthful discourse, or freely abandon himself to falsehoods. Whatever he chooses, the responsibility - consequences - rest with none but him.

This realm made it incumbent upon me to seek knowledge, knowledge that would lead me to the truth. I am grateful for being inculcated with a strong desire to pursue knowledge and truth, for this pursuit has opened many doors for me - revealing mansions upon mansions upon mansions of light. In order to understand the nature and meaning of knowledge, it is imperative to comprehend its function, its purpose, its reason for being. And to comprehend all of this, one goes back - or returns, as it were - to the
Source of all Knowledge.

Travelling through this life and world naturally encompasses all aspects and facets of being. That is to say, this journey is spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical, it is a journey my senses absorb and my reason interprets.

It is important for me to give each and every word I use, its due. In other words, I attempt at all times to be true to the words I employ and whatever subject I may be writing about. Words cannot, and so do, not lie. It is the writer who conveys an impression of falsehood, by manipulating his words, or lends a piece veracity by stating the facts or truths clearly.

As a being imbued with a love of truth, I am wholly conscious of my task, it is to be no more no less than truthful, without exaggerations, manipulations, distortions and alterations. I endeavour to keep my writings and utterences free from corrupting the meaning of the words I employ. Having said that, I am but a mortal human being, and am therefore liable to make mistakes and errors, which I often do.

I welcome all those, with humility, who may visit this Site. Whosoever may be kind enough to read my works - thankyou. Indeed, I am only a pen, the ink of inspiration flowing from The One True Writer -

And if all the trees on earth were pens, and the sea (were) ink, with seven (more) seas yet added to it, the Words of Allah would not be exhausted: for, verily, Allah is Almighty, Truly Wise. 
Jazaa Deen

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