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The Wisdom Of Solitude

Companions are not hard to find in this material world. Companions abound ! The company of solitude is preferred and sought by the wise and the serene.

The hope of attaining to real freindship in this life has caused the sad demise of many a man. Even the most knowing of them desperately searched
for those whom they could, in sincerity, befriend. They did not succeed in their pious endeavours. For, this realm holds many treasures, great riches, and greater wealth, all of which is adored by the lovers of such trifles. Trifles are designed for the frivolous of mind, and they, by their very nature, are incapable of understanding true love, and the virtues of lasting companionship based upon it. The tragic man then, in his forlorn hunt for a species long extinct, becomes of the extinct himself.

There are some, however, who detach themselves from seeking that which, they know, they will not find. They strive for nothing but solitude, seeing in it a blessing adorned by insight. None can realise the beauty of being alone, except for he who has abandoned the ways and wiles of this world. Observing the strange activities of men, and the manifestation of their desires, leaves the seeker after solitude startled, but happy in his quiet domain.
Here, peace speaks of purity, and harmony expresses nobility.

A heart is naturally endowed with a passion to love, and to be loved. The solitary one is aware that to deny his heart that which it believes is its right and due, may lead both into bitter conflict. In order, therefore, to avoid unnecessary confrontation with his heart, the solitary individual transports it into the realm of knowledge, where light guides it to wisdom and truth. This transforms the heart into an abode of contemplation and reflection. The heart opens its eyes and ears, and is able to see and hear far beyond itself. The companions of the heart are identified as the birds that sing joyously at dawn and at dusk; the flowers as they speak shyly through their scent; the breeze as it sighs upon passing by; the clouds as they move away, sending down messages composed of hope; the trees as they stand tall, giving shade and shelter; the rivers that travel the length and breadth of lands fashioned out of them; even time and space accompany the heart through its solitary journey, revealing the hidden, and concealing the manifest.

Thus it is, that the one marked out for solitude joins his heart in happy communion, depending upon none, relying upon destiny to reach their goal. The friendship of silence is truly beautiful, so much does it convey, whilst the babble and squabble of the outer world impinge not at all upon the consciousness of the solitary heart. Learning from wise teachers, who taught wisdom to the ones who thereby gained it, and reading in the silent confines of solitude, is only to be sought by those who seek none else. And how excellent are these teachers ! The air, the water, the earth, the light ! How awesome are these books ! The sun, the moon, the planets, the stars, the universe, and all of creation ! Sublime is the moment when a truth is made to utter, and tremendous is the hour when its meaning is comprehended !

Beauty without vanity, knowledge without conceit, power without arrogance, wealth without pride, are so rare as to be almost, perhaps, non-existent. The solitary one, being apart from all things, is able to discern the value of things, and consequently to accord them their real worth. He appreciates that which is praiseworthy, and remains aloof from all that is blameworthy. The wisdom acquired through his solitary wanderings and wonderings, has
bestowed upon him a light that is brighter than the brightest light, and a life that is more alive than the living - though none may percieve it except for his noble companions in solitude.

The one enfolded in his mantle of solitude cannot be persuaded to emerge from it, for it is dearer to him than anything imaginable. Like a garment, he holds fast to it, and never lets it slip, even if it be for a brief moment. His happiness is to be found in his quiet, and his hopes are to be realised only in his silence. He conveys his wisdom by a glance, or by an expression of his countenance, or by a word written upon the pages of his life. He conceals nought of what he has been taught, yet reveals nothing about the secrets of his heart.

The solitary man awaits his invitation to his final destination, until then, he walks beside the angels who befreind him, and converses with the creatures of land and sea who seek his companionship. He is never lonely, though always alone. The Lord of the Universe is the Best Freind of such a one. For HE is aware, that this man shuns the world and the worldly only for HIS Sake. No one and nothing can corrupt or change the nature of a man given to solitude, he is as true to his nature as he is to his Maker.

The wisdom of solitude is known to the solitary, for they do not tire in their search after it. How few they are ! Surely too few to be counted ! In a world material and materialistic, the solitary ways are dying out. Some keep to the path, others succumb and are seduced by the many paths that lead to nowhere and to nothing. Wisdom prevails, as does the solitude that invariably accompanies it.

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