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Soul Of Love

Everything in existence has been created in accordance with the truth. An aspect of truth is love - truth is the source of love. Everything has been fashioned out of love for the truth.

Love is all-encompassing in its effects and presence. It has many facets - many dimensions. Love speaks to all things in a language composed of beauty. Communications between the soul of love and its beloved ones are happy and humble.

Love is endless, infinite and eternal. It does not confine itself to space or time - it holds both within its warm embrace. Love is limitless and is expressed in a multitude of ways. It is the means by which all things draw near. In truth, love is nearer to all things than can be imagined.

There is the love that exists within the imagination, poetry and paintings describe these imaginings. They convey exalted thoughts and profound emotions. The love of reason prompts curiosity and leads to the seeking of knowledge, of wisdom. Love of the heart often journeys through acres of grief and miles of tears before attaining to that which - or the one - the heart yearns for. Love of the soul seeks truth about its existence, its life, its inner purpose. This love guides one to faith and enables one to surrender to it.

The nature of love is mysterious, it conceals its absolute self, yet reveals truths untold. Love is always inviting, inspiring one to seek it. Love is never cruel, never unkind. Love is always wise and seeing. It sees that which nothing else can see - love has insight into the realm beyond sight. Love of the unknown and for the unseen is love in its purest form. To love without seeing one's beloved is a noble love, arising out of a desire for comprehension and acceptance.

Love is never absent and never passive. Love unceasingly states its presence and is constantly active in its expression. Love does not require proof of its existence - to demand proof is to reveal doubt about it. There is no doubt about love that has its origins in truth. Corrupted and distorted love is evident by its selfish and self-centred nature. Real love resides in the hearts of pure beings, where mercy and compassion is sought and recieved.

All things thrive on love, they flourish with love. As a flower blooms, its scent a testament of love, delighting the seer, enthralling all. Everything and everyone needs love - and all seek love, for survival is made more bearable with it. Without love the essence and substance of being dies of starvation - dying without the sustenance that love provides. For love is the best of providers, the greatest of sustainers. Freindship and companionship depend upon love. Where no companions and freinds can be found, existence becomes a burden, it begins to shrivel and decay. Love is composed of living light - light that shines upon creation, and so causes it to be seen and to be able to see.

Love is peace, it never hurts or attacks anything. Love defends the defenceless and protects the innocent. Love is always just, justice is an essential aspect of love. Love enriches the mind, heart and soul. It inspires love for everything, so that each thing is loved for simply being.

To love and be loved is the desire of Mankind. Mankind, being a complex creature, requires a love that recognises his many different facets. True love comprises the intellectual, sensual, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of his nature. Too much or too little of one or the other causes an imbalance, and leads to a kind of love that is based upon falsehood rather than truth.

Love is creative and not destructive. Love is the originator and not the ender. Love between human beings ought to be constructive, productive and instructive. Often it is fleeting, artificial and superficial.

Love is hidden so that none see its countenance. Its manifest beauty lies in its expression. Love is the source of all good, love is good. Love that becomes bad was never good in the beginning. Love is compatible with everything and everyone. Everything and everyone loves love.

Truth is the source of creation, whilst everything flows from love. It is to love that all things shall eventually return. Everything is travelling towards its ultimate destination - the meeting with true love. Pure love, noble, beautiful and honourable. Seeking it is the meaning and purpose of life. Traversing time and space, enfolding both, love reigns surpreme.

The blue skies and green earth merge to present a portrait of perfect love, these visions enlighten, enliven and illuminate the secret soul. It loves as none can, for it has been created and fashioned out of a love that is abiding and enduring.

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