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Day Of Light And Dark Of Night

I arose from my slumber and encountered light, it embraced me and so I became enlightened. I am the day, I arrive at dawn and depart at dusk. I bear witness to all I survey.

I rested amongst the stars, light beckoned me and so I drew near. The darkness enfolded me as I descended. I am the night, I arrive at dusk and depart at dawn. I bear witness to all I survey.

The face of the earth is enchanting. As it turns around, its different aspects appear. Sometimes its countenance is veiled by the darkness of night. At other times its face reveals the light of day. It bears witness to all it surveys.

The place to be is the place to see. The blue oceans are eyes, they shed rivers of tears as they gaze upwards at the heavens. Gardens rich in green smile at the radiant sun. Trees stand tall, as their branches
write volumes upon the pages of far distant lands. They bear witness to all they survey.

The witnesses are expressive of hope. One day the night will end, as well as the rising and falling, ascending and descending, turning and returning, living and dying of all things. Continuing on into eternity, the travails of darkness mournfully passing away into infinity, as light upon light encompassing space shall prevail, and time will change no more.

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