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The Darkest Shade Of Black

When I was born death confronted me. So it happened, that from the very beginning of my anonymous existence I was made aware of the opposites in and around me -  life facing death.

The opposing forces in creation drew my attention, they fascinated me. The conflicting and contradictory aspects of my own nature caused me immeasurable grief, and yet, inspired in me a desire to venture forth and seek more.

The light of the day ascended, and I arose. Then, the dark of the night descended and I came to rest. In my waking and sleeping I entered into states of being unknown to me. This discovery created much interest, and I travelled on, striving to learn all that it was possible to. 

Thus, it occured to me, there was balance, serenity, and harmony, evident in all of creation. The opposites did not, indeed, could not, cause imbalance. Rather everything had a measure determined and defined.

I bore witness to good and evil, and their effects. This ocassioned great happiness and profound fear. It became essential to comprehend the inner meaning of these things. I realised that whilst everything had its opposite, everything in essence was composed of something, and, nothing had a reality outside of anything.

The world appeared to be a realm of many positives, until one saw the negative consequences that time imposed upon it. Time had space for company, and the hidden secrets had manifest truths to complement them.

The tiny gave way to the large, and the tall made room for the short. I journeyed briefly with the ignorant, and traversed vast distances with the knowledgeable. There were the highs and the lows to preoccupy us, as well as the young and the old.

I experienced both hunger and thirst, and shamed myself by over-indulgence. Some of my companions inspired in me great love and hope, others gave my soul a lesson in hatred and despair. I encountered the arrogant and the humble, and admitted to a preference for the latter.

There were times of searing heat, and times of freezing cold. I saw the sand dunes and the ice caps, and marvelled at this creation composed of opposites. They met and merged, and parted and separated, they were attached and yet detached.

When I spoke the silence was heard. And as I remained still my heart moved. I sought to understand the seasons. The winter informed me of its purpose to guard the deceased, and the spring explained that it intended to host new life. The summer proceeded to convey to me its happiness for attaining the summit of being, and the autumn warned me of destination's end.

I asked the invisible beings to make themselves appear real to me, but they refused. Upon seeing me saddened, they transformed me into a being too light to be seen. And thus, we all rose above the clouds and skies, high above the moon and stars, travelling upwards as fast as speed would permit. The intensity of the colours dazzled my eyes, and the purity of the scents enthralled my soul. The beat of my heart engaged in converse with the ever-living, and all opposites ceased to be and became other than they were.

The realms of light, dark, concealed, revealed, all unveiled truths relating to life and death as well as heaven and hell.
I knew then that The Creator of opposites is none but The One.

Time gave creation a beginning and an ending. And indeed, the destination of all creation and its opposites is the meeting with The One. The purpose of knowing is believing, and the outcome of belief is action. Inaction is not an option. I retained hope in the One Who had no opposite, Whose Word manifested His Will and revealed His Way.

I attempted to ensure that I adopted all ways and means to attain a peaceful abode in the realm of eternity, but those ways and means had to be the right and proper ones.

I knew that the next realm contained only the opposites of peace or pain. The greatest degree of suffering is composed of a denial of all light, and, only the darkest shade of black.

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