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Writing Water

The world is composed of many different elements, brought together to perform nature's task - as instructed to do by time. The earth is a vast canvas, it is a portrait, with all the materials available to present a perfect picture. The one element that has been endowed with the ability to bring this portrait to life is water.

Water writes a multitude of truths into the landscapes that adorn the earth. Life in all its forms, its varied aspects, its shapes and in all its designs, evolves out of water.

Water creates and re-creates. It is the one material capable of restoring life to the dead. Dead lands lie in wait for the clouds to release the waters they contain. Once the waters fall, lands breathe life once more, and creatures recieve sustenance from above and below. The flowing of seas, rivers, lakes and streams upon the body of the earth, concealing waters running underground - transporting and sustaining life, never still - always in motion.

Thinking water reasons with those it helped to bring into being - transparent and opaque - pollute me not. Water sheds tears of grief at the state of life - where is beauty, nobility and purity to be found? Has it been lost forever?

Water may be colourful - or colourless. It can assume many shades, it remains essentially the same. Light engages in conversation with water - they travel together, journeying far and wide. Fires fear the waters - for water subdues and extinguishes the fiercest of fires.The thirsty experience burning sensations - until the water arrives to satisfy need.

Water is proud and mighty. It may appear docile or meek. But tempt it not - nor trifle with it. For water, if provoked, will destroy the highest of structures, the greatest of beings. All dominion and soveriegnty belong to none but Time. It confers ability to be - for a while. It grants permission to exist - for a while. Temporary is the presence - of a thing or a being. It rests its tremendous throne upon the waters it created. No element, no material is there - but all have their source in time.

The flower, the bird - the tree, the mountain - all have been described by the waters that shaped them. Waters vanishing means life disappearing. Water will continue to perform its function of giving reason, purpose and direction to life.

When time decides the future - so a day such as no other, will gather together that which once was, and the waters will weep as the earth is transformed and unburdens itself of its secrets. Waters falling and cascading in torrents upon the dead, and life emerging, stepping forward - this is that which the ancients foretold, and were  promised.

Water in heaven and waters in paradise - waters that fashion gardens bright with green and all hues. Speaking water reveals a thousand mysteries - spiritual streams that take one from this place to the next. Water lives, none can live without it. Crying water - sad to leave. Beautiful water - clear and sweet.

Creation marvels at the creativity of water, a special element - given special powers by Time. Time being the all-embracing power to cause everything to be as it is intended to be.

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