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'Jihad' does not mean fighting during wars, it means 'to strive', 'to struggle' - it may be employed in the context of warfare, but is not limited to that one meaning.

Both Muslim men and women are required to engage in 'Jihad', which means they have to be constantly striving and struggling to attain purity, to defeat the evil which resides in their hearts, to perform righteous actions, and so on.

Western news media use Arabic words like Jihad and Taliban without understanding them, and apply them - almost exclusively - to violence, aggression, bloodshed and warfare. It is important for Muslims to set the record straight, by correctly translating and interpreting these words. Ultimately, the context in which these - and other - words are used determines their meaning

I love human beings: creative, innovative, inventive - crazy, hilarious and completely nutty.

Knowledge is infinite, just awaiting discovery. How humankind employs knowledge is more important than its discovery.

If you cannot forgive yourself, you may not be able to forgive others.

Verify all the information that you receive, in order to obtain nothing but the truth.

If you cannot comprehend a matter by use of Reason, then employ emotional or spiritual intelligence.

Muslims possessed of knowledge are aware that the laws of Islam are simple and few, easy to comprehend and apply. There are no confusing, obscure or complex laws, or any which defeat reason and wisdom. 
Extremist groups and news media busy themselves with distorting, corrupting and misinterpreting the laws of Islam - even exaggerating or adding to them. Thus, seeking out the truth is as important as trying to understand it.

What God reveals makes eminent sense, is just, equitable and non-discriminatory - obviously, since He is the Creator of all humankind, and would never be cruel, unkind or unjust to any of His creatures.

If we accept this fundamental premise upon which all three Abrahamic faiths are constructed, we then realise that some of that which has been attributed to Him, His Prophets (pbut) or their family members/companions - that clearly defies common sense and is in opposition to real justice - might well be fabricated, or simply mistranslated.

Thus, it is incumbent upon the Faithful to carefully examine each and every statement or action attributed to the Messengers (pbut) of God - because, as His ambassadors, they could not have said or done anything that contravened His All-Embracing Grace and Justice.

If you are in constant need of praise and compliments - telling you how brilliant, good, excellent, talented, remarkable, beautiful, handsome, amazing and so on, you are - then it is time you examined your vanities and insecurities.

Free will has its limitations:

You cannot choose when you are born
who you are born to
where you are born
how you are born
your ethnicity
colour of skin
your height
your shape
your features
your abilities and qualities
your siblings and relatives

You cannot do or say whatever you want
you cannot perform any action without the necessary means and tools
you cannot control the seasons or cause time to stop
you cannot control the beliefs, actions and conduct of others
you cannot survive without proper sustenance and shelter
you cannot rule over the earth or humankind

You cannot choose not to become ill
not to lose your job
not to have parents, family members and friends die
not to have your country go to war
not to witness and experience great pain and suffering
not to age
not to weaken
not to die

And so on, ad infinitum. The earth, and all that is upon and within it, has been entrusted to the care of humankind: but this rule over, and governance of, the planet is drawing to a close. The free will of human beings informs us, generally speaking, that they have neither honoured nor treasured this gift, but have behaved in a manner unworthy of it.

Those of us who believe in, and worship, God surrender our will to His: it being the true determining factor in all our lives, and in the life of the seen and unseen realms. So that which He chooses is, of necessity, the best, greatest, most excellent.


How can any sane person believe a politician, irrespective of who or what (s)he is? Manipulation, spin and deceit are allies of politicians, not the truth.


The written common law of Britain circa 493 as transcribed by a Roman, says that if a man asks for help (work, I presume) none times in each of three different towns THEN stealing food is not harm (crime).
Were I a judge today, and a man demonstrated he had gone hungry three days while constantly aeeking honest work then I would defer to the above law and fond him not guilty.


There is only one universe, one world, one humankind, one life and one death - the unity of truth made manifest: make the most of all before it is too late.


Human life has become so cheap, that no-one and nothing is excluded from bombardment during warfare. All those international laws designed to protect the innocent, non-combatants and infrastructure, such as hospitals and schools, are completely useless. Nation states and extremist groups have no hesitation in attacking civilians or hospitals.

The truth is, people are afraid of death, hence the search for eternal youth, for immortality.


Ignorance has become knowledge, opinion has become wisdom and peace has become redundant. All for profit and power, both of which do not last, but the masters of the universe really believe they will confer immortality upon them.


Arrogant people surround themselves with those who look, think and sound like them. Those possessed of humility surround themselves with people who share similar views and attributes, as well as with others who look, think and sound different, so that they may challenge, question, even criticize them: it is the only way to grow, learn, acquire greater knowledge and obtain wisdom.


Knowledge, when employed to benefit humankind, confers authority upon the knower: thus, it is not necessary to be either powerful or wealthy to be influential.

Whenever - and wherever - Muslims set a good example to their brethren in faith and humanity, they reveal the greatness of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), and reflect the Grace and Mercy of Allah The Beautiful.

Wisdom lies in doing as much as, but not more than, you can.

Do not make it your business to consign human beings you dislike or hate to the oblivion - and horror - of hell; but rather, allow your faith to reflect the mercy God has bestowed upon you.

Life is ticking away upon the eternal clock of time. Seconds,  minutes, hours, fading, dying, never to return.

A time is fast approaching when time will have passed.

Concentrate on the whole and the parts make sense, separate the parts and the whole becomes senseless.

Fame attracts the attention-seeker, Science, the curious. Philosophy draws the thinker, Religion, the believer. Art? It often attracts the spurious.

The very nature of being lies in the being of nature.

All is clear if you think it so, and all is complex if you make it so.

Stars are the grey cells of the mind, the planets are thoughts, both big and small, the sun is a flash of inspiration. The earth is the heart - living, breathing, forever beating. The universe is the body, a garment of sorts - that here reveals and there conceals.

Nature is a book, a new day dawning is a new page unfolding.

The sixth sense is the least used, most often abandoned - this is common sense: Reason.

The beginning of wisdom is the end of desire.

The sleeping are the living dead.

An image of a thing is nought save a distorted reflection of it.

The purpose of language is to communicate the truth.

A time in space and a space in time. Is there need for more?

Now has come a time that people inflict pain upon one another by claiming primacy for their suffering. Thus has all suffering been diminished, and reduced to mere competition.

Those who glory in the misfortune of others do not realise that they are equally - if not more so - afflicted.

I asked silence why it remained silent, and stillness why it remained unmoved. But when I witnessed the strange gyrations of Mankind - the hugely irrelevant mental, intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual acrobatics - comprehension dawned. Silence was speechless and Stillness shocked at the spectacle.    

Heaven is a dream come true. Heaven is but a prayer away.

My eyes gazed into your soul and were dazzled by its light.

In between infinite light and eternal love is all-embracing life.

Heaven is my ultimate goal, to reach it I would give my soul.

The heart is a book, each new heart-beat is a word composed of love.

My continued presence in this realm suggests there is still something I have left unsaid, undone, unthought, unfelt. Perhaps there is something yet to give, or to recieve, someone still to meet, something yet to see.

If we do not recieve what we desire we do not offer what we should.

I realized reality was realistic when realization dawned!

The sounds of creation play upon the beat of one's heart.

To reach above and beyond oneself requires the self to be restrained and subdued.

A star is a twinkle in the eye of the night.

I fell asleep in the cool arms of the night, and awoke in the warm embrace of the day.

I encountered time at my arrival, and again at the point of my departure. In between it eluded me - or, did I forget its presence?

If everything is attached to everything else, is separation an illusion?

The warm embrace of light taught me the truth about love.

When the soul sighs, the hand writes. When the heart trembles, the eyes weep. When the mind reflects, life encompasses truth. When the senses seek, love draws near.  

Love is wise, for it is all-seeing, ever-forbearing.

The name of a thing neither describes - nor conveys - its true nature.

Appearance appears real.

Life is a book, though few care to read it. 

Beauty flaunted is beauty made ugly.

The heart is a fragment of paradise.

O Lord of the stars, And Lord of the night, Lord of the day, And Lord of the light, O Lord of all of the Worlds !

Praise destroys the unpraiseworthy.

The reason for existence lies in the purpose of its creation.

The heart is a clock, Ticking, ticking, ticking. Soon it will stop.

Rainbows are a colourful expression of light.

Creation inspires creativity.

The seen is a dream. And a dream is unseen.

My conversation with time was brief.

Creation is composed of a word, and the word is Truth.

That which is hidden is real.. That which is manifest is but a veil..

The encounter with Time aeons ago contained a message about Mankind's destiny.

The material has been adorned with the spiritual, and being has been transformed into life.

My heart is the moon, it reflects your light.

Words are veils brought to life by the light inherent in them.

A dreamer dreams of dreaming endlessly.

Tears are droplets of water from the heavens.

Time gathered pace and sped away.

Man is a time-traveller.

Innocence is betrayed by ignorance.

Light veils and unveils, reveals and conceals.

The multitude of colours represent the many languages spoken by Nature.

The earth is a book, each and every thing is composed of a truth unfolding.

When the heavens opened their gates, creation came into being.

Is longing better than belonging?

Time is a map of the soul.

He presented colour to flowers and recieved their scent in return.

Truth is a book written by time.

The crescent moon is a smile upon the face of the night.

If someone believes in something it is better than nothing. Wiser yet to believe in the Truth, it being greater than everything.

When my eyes closed only then did I begin to see.

Spiritual suicide is death that never dies.

The skies are the eyes of the heavens. Their opening and closing are the alternating of night and day.



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