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The Meaning Of Happiness?
Oh Allah(swt) - The Ever-Living One are You! - You granted me life and revealed to me the purpose of it.
O Allah(swt) - The Most Gracious are You! - You bestowed upon me a family and revealed to me the value of it.
O Allah(swt) - The Fount of All Love are You! - You graced me with love and revealed to me the reason for it. 
O Allah(swt) - The Protecting Friend are You! - You gave me friendship and revealed to me the beauty of it.
I imagined a world composed only of joy, until my family exploited and humiliated me, my beloved betrayed and decieved me, my freinds cheated and demeaned me. 
That which I believed would make me happy caused me the greatest grief. Happiness became elusive. I was left destitute and bereft. In this Your vast creation, there was no-one to turn to or trust and none to speak to. Tears and loneliness were my only companions. I cried out to You and asked, "What is the meaning of happiness...?" 
You - O Allah(swt) - guided me to Your Perfect Word of Truth.. 
Noah(pbuh) - he had been betrayed by his wife and son,  declared a liar by his unbelieving compatriots: 11:42-47, 66:9
Yusuf(pbuh) - his brothers sought to do him harm, he resisted the temptations of a beautiful woman: 12:23-25
Ayyub(pbuh) - his afflictions and loss of offspring tormented him, until his life became almost too heavy a burden to bear: 21:83 
In the stories of Your Chosen Ones did my soul find solace and my heart comfort. You always rewarded them for their faith, their patience in adversity, and saved them from the machinations of the misguided ones.
You spoke to me through the veil of my tears. You reassured me through the darkness of my solitude. You caused the mountain of grief atop which I had been existing so precariously to crumble, and then re-shaped it. In Your Perfect Hands this grief was transformed into a fragment of peace. 
I am running, running, running to You and away from this heartless, senseless, notoriously fickle world. Indeed, there is none to believe in or trust, and no-one to love except You.
Oh Allah(swt) - You are the Owner and Bestower of true happiness!
Oh Beloved One of my life, my existence - I seek refuge in You from the darkness of despair. The meaning of real happiness is You and only You!
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