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He was granted permission to enter this domain which contained within it a hundred objects of distraction, a thousand ways leading to distortion of perception and corruption of the imagination.

In a world exploding with every kind of life, imploding with all kinds of lies, he turned this way and that, unable to find his way out: "Is there a way out of this nightmare?" He hoped for peace but was drowning beneath a sea of misery. Oceans were created, composed as they were of his own tears - tears shed out of sorrow and grief.

Affliction of the soul assailed him. He sought refuge in thought, discovering a place untouched and unspoilt - it was located in the regions of his heart. He gained insight, travelling the length and breadth of his being. Here he realised great spaces existed, which permitted him to simply be.

He could detect little goodness anywhere. Everyone wore a garment proclaiming the majesty and glory of "ME!" No-one seemed true to their nature, they appeared true only to themselves. The "self" selfishly and sinfully elevated to the status of divinity. The material world manifested itself through the physical actions and inactions of mere particles of dust - raised from the living earth to the level of human beings.

He heard great cries of "Justice for all!" Strange that those who were unjust to themselves could fight in the name of justice for anyone or anything. The unjust had devoured the world, leaving it starving and starved. Who is there that is truly just? Who is there that knows the real meaning of justice, and is able to recognize the deficit of justice in his own nature or in his own conduct and behaviour?

Justice belongs in the realm of the unseen. The few who were able to create a just environment for everyone they encountered, returned to that realm aeons ago. No truth exists today -  that was the last remaining truth. All has been abandoned, distractions attract the distracted. Where to turn to escape this madness?

He sought a world inhabited by the pure of heart, noble of mind and enlightened of soul. His seeking was both spiritual and intellectual. His grief overwhelmed him. When he opened his eyes he saw nothing that caused joy. When he strived to listen he heard nothing that gave him peace. When he walked upon the paths constructed for demolition, he could neither percieve nor imagine anything of beauty or of mercy. Everything was so ordered as to bring him pain.

There was no happiness nor contentment, for all of life appeared to be built around this world which was engaged in distraction beyond belief, distortion that defeated comprehension.

He gazed upwards and asked the Owner of the Heavens to inspire in him patience. Upon him descended sweet gifts in the form of faith and strength arising from it. Who can endure the unendurable? These worlds with their loud destroyers were in the ascendancy. Had it not been for the Beautiful One enabling him to bear that which was unbearable, surely he would have succumbed and become a destroyer himself - bent upon self-destruction.

The Lord of All Might and Light is a Companion beyond compare. Who seeks companions from amongst themselves? But they are all the same, fickle and knowing only how to hurt, lacking knowledge about the purity of love. His Beloved was the Fount of All Love - attachment to the Beloved was the very essence of being. He needed no distractions, this world was not for him. His realm was composed of The One to Whom belonged all worlds. Seen and unseen, imagined and unimagined, percieved and unpercieved. 

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