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The Unique Position Of Muslim Men

This article is an attempt to examine and analyze the state of Muslim communities, and the reasons, underlying causes which have - to all intents and purposes - brought it to its knees.

One of the greatest tragedies that has befallen the Muslim Nation lies in the wilful abdication of the responsibilities and duties Islam has enjoined upon Muslim men.

Human beings are accorded great dignity in Islam, Surah 17 Al-Israa, Verses 62, 70. Males and females have been assigned particular roles, in order that may fulfill their respective obligations, realize their responsibilities - and thus, accomplish the function the reason for which they were created. In just such a way are men and women able to attain their full potential as complete human beings and true believers.

Men may be described as the head and women the heart of the Muslim Community, 4:34 Muslim men, returning to their erstwhile pre-eminent position during the Times of Ignorance, have effectively torn the heart out of this once great Ummah. Virtually every Law, Commandment and Ordinance has been selectively or corruptly applied, but in many instances abandoned altogether. Laws designed to protect women, the weak, vulnerable, minorities, and so on, are no longer implemented, either at Government or at social level. This is the manner in which huge sections of society are denied their rights - and betrayed.

I certainly do not exonerate Muslim women (myself included) from blame. We too are, without doubt, at major fault. However, it is men who, for centuries, have held positions of authority, power and influence. Their collective record is a dismal one. A catalogue of injustices committed against women exist. For example:

1) Honour Killlings - those engaged in this heinous crime appear not to realize the inherent contradiction present in "honour" and "killing"

2) Raped women denied access to justice - some demanding "witnesses" to the crime, others accusing the women of willing participation - ie., they are accused of engaging in fornication or adultery.

3) A refusal to educate girls - on the pretext that they may become emboldened hussies.

4) Forced marriages - again, this practice seems not cause concern - nor do its practitioners see the evident contradiction in "force" and "marriage".

5) Compelling girls and women to wear the face-veil, even though this directly contravenes several Qur'anic Verses.

6) Etc.

Men seek to control their female counter-parts either through the misuse of religion, or attempt to imprison them through the employment of corrupt devices.

Nationalism, sectarianism and racism characterize Muslim societies. These in themselves further cause a fragmentation and disintegration of families and communities. When the biggest enemies of Muslim are Muslims, then that which is witnessed is a total break-down in the spiritual and social order of the Ummah. Intolerance is the sign-post of a lost people - and it is this which is the greatest dividing factor today. To engage at a higher intellectual level - in whatever field of endeavour or activity - is beyond the masses. Futile argumentation and disputation are the hallmarks of a Community that is required to "bear witness to the Truth before Humankind" 2:143

Most Muslims cite the example of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), claiming to be his faithful followers. How manifest disunity can ever be a true reflection of his great and noble example is not a thought worthy of consideration - most are in denial of obvious truths. Muslim men, who have occupied positions of authority for a thousand years and more, need to be called to account.

Allahu 'Alam

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