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Spiritual Spheres

The right to write is limited to those who possess the ability to create imagination. I am not of those fortunate few. Thus, my works comprise works of hope - a whispered prayer that conveys desire to be heard and understood.

This is not a story or a poem - it is neither a fiction nor a non-fiction piece. It is, rather, a composition of thoughts visualing spheres of the spirit which speak light-filled words of truth.

The material realm is a tiresome curtain which remains firmly in place, refusing to move aside to permit glimpses of the worlds which exist beyond it. But I ventured forth upon a carpet of emotions and imaginings. Transporting me to visions of perfection - nothing is perfect except the perfected word.

As I travelled from word to word, they explained their meaning and intent. Learning and discovering more in the world of the soul, the physical realm remained a far distant, hated reality.

I sought to comprehend the matter of creation - and the universe related an infinity of insights to me. The Creator - eternally gracious and elegant - granted me permission to glance at the splendour of HIS mysterious secrets. They were hidden from view, but a favoured few were able to see the hitherto unrevealed. Having been honoured in this manner, I paid tribute to my Beloved Companion and asked of HIM an increase in blessings.

The sun shone upon the realms of the seen, as light concealed the worlds unseen. As the moon and stars prepared the night for arising, the day departed to rest. My soul merged with the night and day, with the light and dark, with awakening and sleeping, with rising and falling, with the living and dying. It attained quiet and peace, tranquillity and serenity.

My existence became as one with the soul of the universe. In the seeking of hearts and striving after truths, I had arrived at journey's end. The final destination was composed of beautifully worded spiritual spheres, revolving and rotating around the Mercy of The One.


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