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The Obsession With Celebrity

Celebrity culture dominates human attention and discourse. It is considered by some to be a nice distraction, a form of escapism and light relief from the hardships of life. Unceasing coverage by mass media about the sayings and doings of the famous and notorious ensure that they remain in their pre-eminent positions of very important people.

The priorities of societies are, in truth, defined by who is and is not considered to be very important. And this also reflects the moral state of nations. Thus, whilst those in the entertainment industries may recieve huge remuneration in terms of pay and prestige, others in less visible but far more necessary professions, such as teaching, do not earn anywhere near as much.

Promotion and advancement of the self is at the heart of this culture. The driving force is self-interest - seeking commendation and praise, desiring influence and special status. It may also express a deeper fear and greater need - the profound terror of death being compensated by attainment of a type of immortality which celebrity brings. The king is dead - but his name lives on, and on, and on..or so he hopes. It is self-deception to believe satisfaction, contentment and peace may be achieved through self-advertisement.

Every human being is very important - simply by virtue of being human. No matter the position, fame, wealth or status, no-one is better, greater, higher or more worthy than anyone else.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Chapter 28, Al-Qasas - The Story - Verse 83
As for that (happy) life in the hereafter, WE grant it (only) to those who do not seek to exalt themselves on earth, nor yet to spread corruption: for the future belongs to the God-conscious.

Allah SWT Knows Best.

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