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The Inevitability Of Death

If human beings kept the remembrance of death at the forefront of their minds, sectarian and nationalistic divisions would cease to matter so much. Sadly, people block all thought of death from themselves, which is why chaos and confusion reign in the world, rather than order and clarity.

This life is supposed to be preparation for the next: the transformative and transitive period intervening between this realm and the one hereafter is death. So how important is this break from life, wherein a multitude of questions await - and judgment as to the final destination.

Sleep is the best way to remember death. That state of inertia or inactivity, where dreams and visions flow in and out of the conscious self, and where sorrows merge with happiness - blurring the meaning of both. The inability to perform any action, combined with states of near-complete helplessness and vulnerability, manifest the truth about free-will: how limited in scope and extent it actually is. Surely Allah SWT ordained for sleep to be a constant reminder of life, death and resurrection. Wa Llahu 'Alam.

Reading the Qur'an, in which the histories of past generations are narrated from differing aspects - their mistakes, errors, losses, apparent successes - all serve to encapsulate the true purpose of death, at both individual and collective level, from the powerful and poor, to civilizations both great and small: everything is transitory. A life cannot be extended beyond its term. The determining factor as to when life and death occur is Time.

Surely the futility of disputation is brought into sharp relief by the remembrance of death. Allah SWT is Al-Mumit - The Creator of Death. So ultimately, the remembrance of death means remembering Allah SWT - HIS Nearness, Closeness and Limitless Power. For, when HE utters the Word BE! to any thing, such as death, it becomes - Kun Fa-Yakun.

Wa Llahu 'Alam.

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