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The Language Of Humility

Humility is a beautiful aspect of human nature. It enables human beings to remain conscious of their lowly beginnings and their ultimate end. Humility cannot exist without the correspondingly essential qualities of patiance, compassion, generosity and forbearance.

The language of humility translates into, and is interpreted as, a recognition of the goodness innate to all things and most beings. The stress on most, as opposed to all beings, simply reflects the unfortunate realities of life: some people are too detached from their own humanity to either be described or defined as good - in the true sense of that word. However, those possessed of humility are willing to forbear with, and also forgive even the most arrogant or heartless of adversaries.

Humility is manifested in an infinity of ways: the best of which is, without doubt, courteous communications with one and all - regardless of race or creed. Such discourses do not see evidences of boasting, showing off or false pride. Since the purpose of language is to communicate the truth, humility makes the communicating of ideas and sharing of knowledge between different peoples worthwhile and peaceful - rather than aggressive, confrontational or argumentative.

Employing words of wisdom, which are, by their very nature, words of humility, means arrogance is revealed to be the last resort of the ignorant of heart. People of Faith are not entirely devoid of false pride. They may, on occassions, exhibit spiritual arrogance and adopt morally superior, self-righteous and self-important tones. Intellectual and material arrogance are also not confined to a particular category or type of person, but can be present in those with or without Faith.

Bismi-Llah Ir-Rahman Ir-Raheem

Surah 18, Al-Kahf - The Cave - Verse 34
... And (one day) he said to his freind, bandying words with him, "More wealth have I than you, and mightier am I as regards (the number and power) of my followers!"...

Surah 28, Al-Qasas - The Story - Verse 78
..Answered he: "This (wealth) has been given to me only by virtue of the knowledge that is in me!"

Surah 39 Az-Zumar - The Throngs - Verse 49
Now: when affliction befalls man, he cries out to US for help; but when WE bestow upon him a boon by OUR Grace, he says (to himself), "I have been given (all) this by virtue of my own knowledge!"
Nay, but this (bestowal of Grace) is a trial: but most of them understand it not!

The language of humility is entirely free of repeated references to I, ME, MY and MINE. These four words, when constantly employed - in any language - constitute arrogance at its worst, and manifests the elevation of the self to almost semi-divine status.

There are many references to humility in the Qur'an, which emphasises its supreme importance in the life of individuals and nations: Q4;154, 5;54, 6;42-43, 7;94, 161, 16;69, 17;24, 109, 19;14, 21;90, 22;34-35, 54, 23;2, 33;35, 57;16

Allahu 'Alam
Allah SWT Knows Best

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