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Dear Brethren In Humanity
Dear Brethren in humanity - Peace be upon you

Those non-Muslims who wish to acquire knowledge of Islam, in order to better comprehend it, do please avail yourselves of the opportunity to read the Qur'an - as well as the earlier Abrahamic Scriptures, namely, the Old and New Testaments. And whatever other materials you may consider important - such as past and present scholarly discourses and the T...raditions (Ahaadeeth)

For those of you who harbour preconcieved ideas about Islam, or who secretly revile Muslims - for whatever reason - please do avail yourselves of the opportunity to examine and analyse your motivations and intentions. Do not submit to hatreds, and let not bigotry beguile you. Submit to the Truth, not a distorted or perverted version of it.

Human beings interpret things in light of their own inclinations and tendencies, and according to their own level of intellect and knowledge. However, if life is about anything, it is surely about seeking out the truth for oneself. Thus, I urge all those seekers after the truth, to detach themselves from external pressures/influences, and internal barriers/obstacles, in order to attain and live by it.

Islam is not about fierce fights and brutal wars - it never has been. For those genuinely interested in knowing what Islam is and is not: I suggest a period of quiet study and research, as well as deep reflection and contemplation. In other words, do not permit me, or anyone else, to tell you what Islam is. Find out for yourself. That is your prerogative.

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