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Dear Brethren In Faith
Dear Brethren in Faith, As Salaamu 'Alaykum

It is Allah The Beautiful who manifests the truth - or otherwise - of any concept or ideology. Muslims are only required to convey the Message of Islam by deed and by word. It has, however, become apparant - over the course of time - that they are quite incapable of fulfilling their role as Witnesses to the Truth before humankind.

Heated and passionate... disputation and argumentation amongst Muslims gives rise to hatred and intolerance, as well as chaos and confusion. Perhaps if I were a non-Muslim, dreadful and embarrasing public displays of internecine warfare, would suffice to convince me of the inherent falsehood of Islam.

The Truth speaks for itself, and does not, nor has ever needed, humankind or believers to engage in intellectual acrobatics to prove its veracity. Islam rests upon the principle of the Unity and Oneness of Allah SWT; the unity underpinning creation and all things. That concept of unity remains elusive amongst Muslims, divided as they are by sect or nationality.

The words Islam, Muslim and Salaam express peace, serenity, tranquility and harmony. Such beautiful states of being can never be attained, simply because many Muslims are far too busy hating and killing each other.

Muslim attire has become an all-consuming, all-absorbing obsession for: some Muslim women employ the simple headscalf as a fashion accessory or politcal statement; Muslim men use the beard, or lack thereof, as an indication of piety/purity; yet - conversely, they all fail, signally and repeatedly, to convey the word of peace, 'Salaam", to one another in public and even in private. Attitudes, conduct and behaviour such as this represents a denial of the Truth, and not a manifestation of it. Wa Llahu 'Alam.

As the history of the Abrahamic communities teaches us, all 3 inheritors of the noble legacy of the Prophets (pbut) - ie., the Jews, Christians and Muslims - have not lived up to the task assigned to them by Allah The Beautiful.

This may explain the pathetic state of the collective Community of believers: with the disgraced and humiliated condition of Muslims, across the world, a possible indication of Allah SWT's Immense Displeasure.

May Allah SWT, in HIS Infinite Mercy, forgive me as well as all true believers. Ameen.

Wa Llahu 'Alam.
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