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Knowledge Of Humankind

Humankind encountered Knowledge exclaimed,' I have been looking for you everywhere! Where on earth have you been?'

It replied, in its noble tones,' I have been here, as is my custom.Perhaps you were searching in the wrong place?'

Humankind dismissed such a suggestion in no uncertain terms,'My dear fellow! You underestimate me, surely!'

'I have never underestimated you, of that you can be sure,' declared Knowledge.'Now, what is it you require of me?'

'Everything, everything - do divulge your secrets to me,' laughed Humankind.

'You make the effort and I will assist you as best I can,' promised Knowledge.

Humankind gazed at its Companion and asked, 'I do not mean to intrude upon your personal space, but many a time I have longed to ask you where you are from?'

Knowledge smiled as it replied,'I am from your Creator'

Humankind appeared shocked, and then collapsed into hysterical laughter. After what seemed an age, and recovering composure somewhat, Humankind cried,'You don't really and truly believe that, do you?'

The countenance of Knowledge revealed little of itself, as it said, 'Indeed I do really and truly believe that. In fact, I know that to be the truth'

Humankind shook his handsome head, pointed an emphatic finger at Knowledge and said,'You know nothing of the sort. Stop trying to distract or delay me, give me what I am seeking. Otherwise, I will look elsewhere for the answers to my questions.'

Knowledge responded by walking away in silence, Wisdom by its side, 'As usual, my Friend, he did not see you.'

'He rarely does,' replied Wisdom. 'One day, perhaps, one day he will.' It continued. 'Obviously, our presence indicates that, mercifully, there is still Time - let us hope it is not too late for our misguided one.'

So saying, both Knowledge and Wisdom ventured out into the open spaces, whilst Humankind divested Earth of its beauties and deprived himself of all that is most excellent and good for - and in - life.

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