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Fragments Of Light

It is a space composed entirely of light. Time does not exist.
Gazing upwards at the heavens, waves of light embrace all things. Holding out his hands, a sprinkling of stars fall into them, shine briefly, and then vanish..

The light is all-encompassing. Unlike fire or lightening, no scents, no sounds, no senses. It reveals, yet conceals itself. It is the means by which all things see and are seen..

He closes his eyes, and enters into a new state of being. This is a place where the real, the percieved and the imagined merge to become whole and complete..

There is an endless vision of light, of lighter shades of light, and of colours unseen. Patterns form, shapes evolve, something familiar, something unknown..visions of Paradise..

The physical aspect of being withdraws, it lives, decays and dies. Undying is that which graces the physical aspect of its essential being, light..light..light....

He arrives at a truth eternal and infinite. Creation is fashioned out of life, out of love, out of light.

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