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Ode To Man
 An aeon ago time was born,
and invited space into its
presence,creation became
adorned with lights,waters
of inspiration gathered forth,
and lands formed into patterns of life.

I came into being with peaceful
hope,gesturing to the heavens
with heart aglow,creatures in
the oceans exclaimed,and their
companions upon lands
responded,you were appointed
trustee of all.

Never were you deprived of ought,
sustenance from the heavens descended,
and provision from lands in abundance,
fed your mind, your heart and your soul,
your being was exalted above all others.

You did not express contentment,
neither was gratitude to be your garment,
your greed outstripped your need,
you became fat even as others starved,
your lust devoured the innocent.

Beautiful places you did destroy,
treading not softly upon gentle mounds,
you built reflections of your arrogance,
your conceit crying aloud its pride,
jealously did you evict the weak and the meek.

As you trampled underfoot my inhabitants,
I sent you warnings and threats,
I trembled and shook in rage,
my convulsions you heeded not,
mountains and seas boiling enraged,
only made you want to investigate.

The terror you inflicted brought despair,
creatures withdrew to places afar,
and lands dried up in distress,
as the rivers of tears welled,
the helpless protested and complained.

I housed the living and the dead,
causing the one to emerge from the other,
your mortality caused you no fear,
you paused not for thought,
ascending the heights of evil design.

I convey to you then, oh Man,
my final warning and promise,
heed this call from me lest you perish,
your fault will be exposed and too your will,
the supreme fallacy of your iniquities.

Think not that I am a silent witness,
but my testimony against you will suffice,
to bring about an end to your doings,
they have created nought but fires of ill,
I was and am and shall remain forever,
you are to meet your destiny on the morrow.

I am the Earth formed by the Word,
the Creator uttered and all things came to be,
you are nothing but a particle of me,
My lands and waters are your body,
your soul is to be returned to its Owner,
you were and shall not ever remain,
an Ode to Man has been written by Time.
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