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Q16:22 - Your God is One God - Click Here

    Islam is founded upon a simple concept: there is only One God.

    God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the seen and unseen realms; Originator of all things; Worthy of worship and of all Praise.

    God, as the Giver of Life, is owed profound gratitude and appreciation; as the Creator of Death, inspires awe and a sense of the limitations of life.

    God, as the Restorer, informs humankind of Resurrection, of the inevitability of judgement, being called to account, in order that justice may prevail, and consequences, of all human actions, made apparent.

    God, who is The Truth and created everything in accordance with it, reveals that all things in existence have purpose and meaning: thus, humankind is required to seek the purpose and meaning of everything.

    God, who abides in the Realm of the Unseen, yet whose signs are manifest through the infinity of His Attributes, Qualities and Names. The Beloved, Blessed, Beautiful and Bountiful Sustainer - He is One, without partner, associate or offspring.

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