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Q96:1-5, Read! In the Name of your Sustainer. - Click Here

The very first Verses of the Qur'an, revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) during the month of Ramadan, consisted of the imperative to read: reading necessarily involves learning how to read, study, research and the acquisition of knowledge. Following upon the introductory command to 'Read!' - addressed, in the first instance, to the Prophet, and through him to all believers, all of humankind, is the statement by Allah SwT that He it is Who taught man to write 'by [means of] the pen': which stresses the importance to writing, recording human intellectual, emotional, physical activity and experience, storing knowledge, sharing and conveying it, so that all human beings have access to and may benefit from that treasure trove.

Thus, the first thing a child is required to do is learn how to read and write, in order to grow and develop, to understand the world, his or her own nature, how things work and why, to make positive contributions to the society of which (s)he is a component part, and thereby to add to the sum total of human knowledge, which subsequent generations may inherit and expand.

Since the first Command from Allah SwT is to 'Read!' - in His Name - it is absolutely necessary for Muslims to read the Qur'an with attention, to learn Qur'anic Arabic, and to attempt to comprehend its passages the way Allah SwT intended for them to be understood. Ramadan, then, is not only the month of fasting, it is also - and perhaps more importantly - a time of learning, of acquiring greater, broader and deeper knowledge, which ultimately leads to the Truth, about the meaning and purpose of life, of all things

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