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Q68:1 - The Pen - Click Here

Allah SwT utters a mighty oath: swearing by the pen and by what they write. It is by means of the pen that all knowledge is written, stored, conveyed, shared and, thereby, manifestly increased. All civilisations, history and human experience become known through the recordings of men and women.

Human beings write upon the pages of their own destiny, through their words and deeds. The works of humankind are meticulously and diligently memorialised, by the Hosts on High - those who record the doings of man on behalf of Allah SwT. 

Above all else: the pen is witness to the great achievements of, and terrible injustices committed by, humankind. Allah SwT bestowed the pen upon human beings, taught them how to use it, and gave language as a means of communicating the truth, ideas and knowledge: thus, it is the pen which bears witness for, and against, humankind, which is why Allah SwT, in His Infinite Wisdom, employs it - as well as what is written - as a sacred oath. Wa Llahu 'Alam - and He knows best.

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