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Q109:6 - To you your religion, and to me my religion. - Click Here

The Message of Islam rests upon the Grace and Mercy of Allah SwT: He has conferred upon human beings the supreme gift of free will, thus, they may choose to believe in, and do, as they please. The ideology people adopt, around which their lives are constructed, may be religious or non-religious, but whatever it is, they have the right to adhere to it, without being mocked, ridiculed or belittled. The only task of a believer is to convey Allah SwT's Message of Mercy, and the best way to do this is by example.

Bear in mind too, that the Revelation of the Qur'an took 23 years to complete: therefore, no Muslim should expect another person to accept the Qur'an immediately. Faith is Allah SwT's to give and the human being's to receive - it does not belong to anyone.

Being challenged, questioned and criticised is all part of the examination which Faith entails, so no-one should be afraid or enraged by it. Quoting Q109:6 enables a believer to exit a futile or heated discussion gracefully, so Muslims ought to employ it as often as possible, along with Q2:256: 'There is no compulsion in Religion'. In this way, arguments, disputes and conflicts are avoided, bitter enmities prevented.

If a non-Muslim attacks, insults or abuses Muslims or the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), then the only option available is to withdraw with courtesy and patience, without responding in kind. Muslims who behave with good manners and exhibit beautiful Islamic etiquette, are the ones who are true to Allah SwT, because they neither demean themselves nor the dignity and honour of His Last Messenger (pbuh).

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