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Q34:13 - Few of MY servants are grateful

Allah SwT states in His Glorious Book - Q34:13 - that 'few of My servants are grateful'. Even people of faith exhibit ingratitude, and are often unappreciative of the blessings which Allah SwT has bestowed upon them, upon humankind. This ingratitude is expressed in a multitude of ways. 

The arrogant - whose hearts are burdened with ignorance, vanity and false pride - refuse to either acknowledge or render thanks to others, this is as true of believers as it is of non-believers. Uttering invocations, such as Shukr-al-Hamdu-li-Llah, is insufficient, because words are meaningless unless they are accompanied with truthful, sincere and honest acts.

Thus, it is incumbent upon Muslims to carefully examine their intentions, upon which actions are based; deeply analyse their attitudes and inclinations; engage in thoughtful reflection and contemplation, to ensure that gratitude - and humility, which is an important component part - are constantly present, always apparent.

Gratitude begins and ends with Allah SwT - are you really grateful to Him, or do you simply think you are?

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