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Spirit Of The Earth

Time had fashioned out of space an exalted place of beauty, earth.

Mountains raised high reaching out to the upper heavens. Waters falling from paradise, drenching valleys and hills, sustenance for the innocent and the free.

Landscapes writing poetry describing scenes of grandeur, illuminating hidden mysteries, revealing and concealing shadows as they dance amongst the trees and fruits and flowers and leaves.

Seeking enlightenment, struggling to attain truth, heart beating in tune with the changing alternating seasons. Colours of the imagination, secret hues of green and blue and red brought to life and made real.

Amidst the serenity tranquility withdrew. The hand of destiny rested upon the countenance of the earth. It trembled and shook with an awesome trembling and shaking. The book of earth was ripped open, its pages scattered far and wide.

Lands shifted then moved and crumbled, mountains fragmented. All lay submerged beneath patterns created by nature. The lives of buildings and built up lives shattered into a million pieces, history inscribed upon grains of dust. Life became remote.

Paradise swept away, heaven mourned its loss. There was unity in grief as pain had replaced peace. Tears fell from my soul, forming a pool that reflected diamonds sparkling in the night sky. That which was is no more.

Mercy descended in waves, enfolding all. Grace alighted upon the brow of the bereaved. Visions presented themselves to my eyes. They who had passed away retreated from this world, being transported to the realm unseen.

I saw them there, their faces bright with joy, smiling, as they ascended higher and higher, ever higher, until they were lost to sight, embraced by glowing shades of shimmering light.

Paradise took up residence here upon the earth. I suffered its demise. But I knew the pure and the true had been granted a paradise into eternity leading to infinity.

The body of the earth had broken apart, yet the spirit survived death. Only the dead are destined to die, the spirit lives on. Breath of the divine, earth and time.

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