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Q21:107 - We have not sent you except as a mercy to the worlds - Click Here

Allah SwT, in His infinite Grace, sent His Last Messenger, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as a 'mercy to all the worlds' - 'Rahmatan Li-L-'Aalameen'.

Thus, the Prophet, being a manifestation of Allah SwT's Mercy, was not just merciful, compassionate, kind, gentle, loving, forgiving, generous, tolerant, patient, just and forbearing with the Arabs, Muslims or Abrahamic peoples - the Jews and Christians, he was so with all human beings.

His mercy extended to Allah SwT's creatures, such as horses, camels, donkeys, birds, and to the environment which housed trees, valleys, wells, the habitations of people, and so on.

Because the Prophet was all-encompassing in his mercy towards all of humankind, his followers are required to be likewise. No Muslim may deny mercy to a non-Muslim, or render another human being unworthy or undeserving of being treated with mercy.

There cannot be any justification, excuse or pretext for persecuting, oppressing or killing people in the name of Allah SwT, or in the name of His Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh) - all Muslims are supposed to be merciful towards humankind. Those who intentionally perpetrate merciless acts will be treated in like manner by Allah SwT - who has 'Willed upon Himself the Law of Grace and Mercy' (Q6:12, 54), but who is also the Avenger of Evil, Al-Muntaqim.

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