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Q33:21 - The Prophet Muhammad is the best role model - Click Here

Individuals and societies need good role models, those who encapsulate the very best, most virtuous of attributes and characteristics - such as compassion, humility, patience, generosity, tolerance, a willingness to forgive and so on - in order to follow their example, and thus become good human beings and communities.

The Last Messenger of Allah SwT, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), was a great man, noble, selfless, self-sacrificing and long-suffering. He lived only to serve Allah SwT, and in so doing, became a testament to, and an expression of, His Mercy.

In modern times, sports stars, actors, singers, models, even politicians, have become role models for many. But those seeking to be inspired by a model of humanity, will find in the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the greatest of examples.

One need not be a Jew, Christian or Muslim to adopt the Prophets (pbut) of Allah SwT as role models, their lives bear testimony to His truth, justice, equity and grace.

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