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When I saw you, I thought you would remain forever,
but you passed by - you are Time.
When I heard you, I thought you would stay always,
but you wandered on - you are the Day.
When I met you, I thought you would be here unceasingly,
but you strolled past - you are the Hour.
When I knew you, I thought you would never leave,
but you walked on - you are the Minute.

This second is special, but it will not remain;
This thought is beautiful, but it will not remain;
This emotion is precious, but it will not remain;
This vision is exalted, but it will not remain.

The stillness of the night is deceptive,
for the night is destined to fade.
All is motion and movement,
No breeze arrives but that it will depart,
No song of a bird is heard but that it will fall silent,
No creature raises its head but that it will find rest,
No water appears but that it will soon evaporate,
No life is lived but that death follows it.

I was seeking permanence in a realm
composed of nothing but moments.
In a dream eternity spoke to me.
As I awoke, realisation dawned -
my true abode had made itself known to me.
Nothing is constant since everything is
reduced to the past absorbed by history.
I am traversing a transient realm,
except that my existence is real.

Eternity is ever-present and all-embracing;
Eternity absorbs the past, the present and the future;
Eternity is the scent of time enfolding creation;
Eternity accompanied by Infinity, eternally.

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