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Q40:60 - Allah SwT is Most Responsive - Click Here

One of the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah SwT is 'Al-Mujeeb' - 'The Responsive'.

He is accessible, available and near, Listening and Hearing - never far distant from the one who calls to Him. 

Being responsive is a manifestation of Allah SwT's Grace and Mercy - human beings are always in need, for shelter and sustenance, for companionship and love,for guidance and help, for inspiration and knowledge, and so on. The only One who has the Power to respond to, and provide for, all these needs is Allah SwT.

One of the lessons we derive from reflecting upon the Divine Quality of Responsiveness, is the great importance of listening carefully to people and then responding, as swiftly as possible, to them. This is not merely a matter of courtesy and excellent manners, but also an expression of compassion and concern.

So, even as Muslims eagerly await Allah SwT's response to their prayers, it is incumbent upon believers to be ever responsive as well.

Wa Llahu 'Alam
And God Knows Best

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