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Oppression is worse than killing - Q2:190, 2:217 - Click Here

Killing - or murder - may result in the death of one or a few human beings. But oppression leads to the deaths of hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of people, as well as the destruction of entire nations.

Dehumanisation and demonization of communities or nations result in persecution which is rationalised, and oppression which is justified by the perpetrators. Ultimately, oppression manifests both a loss and lack of humane values, such values which prevent human ...beings from abusing and mistreating others.

Extremism, supremacism and terrorism are all forms of oppression, as they are designed to create fear, the means by which control of masses of people becomes easier.

Islam categorically prohibits all forms of intolerance, as well as every expression of hatred. It invites people to base their thoughts and acts upon mercy, and inspires them to be forgiving, forbearing and loving. Anyone who selectively applies Islamic principles and precepts, only in order to justify the persecution and oppression of people, is faithless and godless, self-serving and self-exalting. The God of humankind is Gracious, so the faithful must be gracious too. Always.

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