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God is The One - Q112:1 - Click Here

Allah SwT is The One, without partners, offspring and associates. All of the Prophets (pbut) were sent with the same Message: namely, that only God is Worthy of worship, as He alone is the Creator, Sustainer and Guide.

Human beings are apt to be enamoured by the things they see, and tend to discount or reject the idea of the Unseen: but that is exactly where the test of Faith lies, in accepting the notion of things existing beyond perception, and by extension, believing in God who chooses to remain unseen, in the vastnesses of the Unseen realm.

Allah SwT has made belief in Him easy and simple: for He has manifested His Signs within and outside of the human mind. Islam, then, is remarkably uncomplicated, because it does not rest upon convoluted or complex formulae. Those who complicate religion have neither understood its Message nor purpose. Which is offer humankind an insight into its own origins and ultimate destination, as well as to liberate it from undue attachment to the material and physical realm.

Allah SwT is The One God - just as nothing precedes zero, so too nothing precedes or outlasts Him.

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