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Try Understanding For A Change

Extreme secularism is as bad as extreme religion: the former seeks to suppress religious expression, whilst the latter attempts to impose it. Without balance, of which moderation is a component part, human beings, and societies, tend towards excess when manifesting their belief systems.

To make a difference in the world, try understanding for a change - so that hate does not prevail.

A sign of a civilised, cultured and enlightened society is that all its members feel secure, safe and at peace. If women, minorities or the most vulnerable feel frightened and threatened, then the society of which they are a part has failed.

Sometimes, people do not want to hear the truth. With truth, comes a readiness to sacrifice and suffer in order for justice and equity - which are essential aspects of truth - to be established. But, when a nation becomes too set upon its comforts, then truth is just an inconvenient luxury many cannot afford.

An ignorant person deserves to be ignored.

I am asked, with depressing regularity, if I am Shi'a, Sunni, or Ahmedi - Iranian, Arab or Asian - by Muslims. They appear incapable of understanding a simple concept: namely, that it is not only possible, but necessary, to be a Muslim without any sectarian, political or national affiliations. So, I am happy to describe myself as nothing other than a Muslim, one who submits to God, by His Grace alone.

Respond to hate with patiance, in order to restore the balance of peace.

Employ inclusive, and not divisive, language in order to bring people together and not drive them apart.


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