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'O you who have attained to faith! Fasting is ordained for you as it was ordained for those before you, so that you might remain conscious of God..'

'It was the month of Ramadan in which the Qur'an was [first] bestowed from on high as a guidance to man and a self-evident proof of that guidance, and as the Standard by which to discern the true from the false. Hence, whoever of you lives to see this month shall fast throughout it; but he that is ill, or on a journey, [shall fast instead for the same] number of other days. God wills that you shall have ease, and does not will you to suffer hardship; but [He desires] that you complete the number [of days required], and that you extol God for His having guided you aright, and that you render your thanks [to Him].

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar; the Revelation of the Qur'an, to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) occurred over a 23-year period, and was completed shortly before his death.

The Qur'an details the purpose of Revelations, makes constant reference to the preceding Scriptures - the Torah, Books of the Prophets, Psalms of David and Gospels - as well as to the Hebrew Prophets (pbut).

The Qur'an also explains God's Will, Word and Way, the means by which all things flow into and out of existence; that everything is subject to Him, and surrenders to the natural laws instituted by Him.

The name of His Religion is not derived from any individual, ethnicity or nation, but is independent of them all: 'Islam' means 'Submission' - in effect, those who believe in God have submitted themselves to His Will. In practice, submission means honouring the Covenant entered into with Him - which is reflected in Faith - by obeying His Commands, following His Guidance, and implementing His Laws, in order to create just and equitable communities and societies.

Wa Llahu 'Alam
And God Knows Best 

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