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The Realm Beyond Perception, 'Al-Ghayb' - Q2:2-3

'This Divine Writ - let there be no doubt about it - is [meant to be] a guidance for all those conscious of God - 
who believe in [the existence of] that which is beyond human perception - Al-Ghayb..'

There are realms which cannot be seen by the human eye, but which, nevertheless, exist. Love, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, humility, patience, and so on, cannot be seen, but are manifested through physical actions. At the same time, knowledge, wisdom, truth, justice and so on, flow from the Unseen into the Seen, the means by which humankind makes intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional progress.

The question is: why does God - the All-Seer, All-Able and Almighty - not make Himself known in the material sense, if He really does exist? The answer is obvious: because all would, of necessity, be compelled to believe in Him, and thus, free-will - the notion (or concept) that human beings are free to reject or accept any ideology, and act in light of that rejection or acceptance, would be non-existent.

Allah SwT Knows Best

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