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Who Created God?

I gazed at time, but he shook his head -
I am an entity devoid of identity,
things flow in and out and through me,
He Who created me is Time Absolute.

I gazed at truth, but he shook his head -
I am a concept with no weight of my own,
ideas come into being through my devices,
He Who created me is Truth Absolute.

I gazed at light, but he shook his head -
I have no brightness that enfolds me,
I cause things to see and be seen,
He Who created me is Light Absolute.

I gazed at space, but he shook his head,
I have no room for anything,
I expand and contract for revolving realms,
He Who created me is Space Absolute.

I gazed at life, but he shook his head,
I am unable to exist in the dark of nothing,
I enable the living to emerge as beings,
He Who created me is Life Absolute.

I gazed at love, but he shook his head,
I have no feelings nor emotions,
I inspire affection and mercy,
He Who created me is Love Absolute.

I gazed upwards at the Heavens and their
gates were flung wide open as I called out
to my Lord on High:

"With my speculations and conjectures,
my questions and entreaties, my imagination
created You as I percieved You to be!
Where then lies Truth, Oh You Who
caused everything in accordance with it?"

I waited upon the Glory and Majesty of
my Beloved One.
Thus came the Reply:

"HE Is The One, nothing precedes HIM,
HE Is The One from Whom all things proceed.
HE Is The Creator, The Fashioner, The Designer
Through HIS Words, HIS Will and Way
are made Manifest, yet Hidden HE remains.
HE Is not as you think - for HE Is
far Exalted above thought.
HIS Attributes and Names by which
HE makes HIMSELF Known
conceal HIS Reality and Being.
Worship, Serve, Love and Seek HIM,
for this HE Created you.
Strive not for descriptions nor definitions,
these will ultimately defeat and disown you.
HE cannot be confined by being defined.
HIS Grace and Mercy encompass all things,
Refuge is to be sought in HIS Compassion."

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