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The Last Hour Speaks

The book of Time has ended,
and space has contracted.

Explosions succeed one another,
reverberations crack creation.

Colliding worlds begin to fragment,
shattered pieces showering earth.

Smoke engulfs the skies,
Man crying with weeping eyes.

Clouds erupt into flames,
rains of fire descending.

Mountains are reduced to dust,
oceans boil over enraged.

Roaring winds deafen silence,
lightening strikes to deprive sight.

Creatures granted sanctuary,
as the Last Hour speaks.

Waters and fires transform the earth,
tremendous convulsions shake the dead.

Awestruck Man confronts reality,
as the dead are brought forth alive.

The earth unburdens herself,
and speaks of her suffering.

Testimony is taken from witnesses,
community of nations kneel in shame.

Purified of vile corruption and hate,
the earth smiles and glows with light.

The Last Hour foretells destruction,
its gaze warns of eternal damnation.

Heedless Man promised a reckoning,
day of regrets manifesting itself.

The last word has been spoken,
this promise is not broken.

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