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Heart Of Light

I gazed at the revolving worlds in the upper vastnesses of space. Imagination ascended, and entered into animated conversation with the rotating realms, exclaiming at their serene movement through endless time.

Eventually, my eyelids enclosed my eyes like a garment composed of silk. The physical aspect to my nature became weary of activity, so it took rest amongst shades sheltered from the beaming sun.

My soul was invited to accompany sleep upon its travels, and it gladly accepted the offer. Wondrous lands steeped in mystery were discovered, and many a secret was uncovered. The night descended and enfolded my being like a warm blanket. In the far distance, the moon wrote volumes upon the subject of light, whilst the stars smiled and sparkled nearby.

My heart opened, as a flower blossoms, exuding the scent of life. It ventured forth amidst companions bright. Light poured into my heart, as a dweller in dry lands seeks water to quench its thirst. Waves of radiance embraced me, encompassing and enfolding the worlds I inhabited.

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