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Surah 107, Al-Ma'un

Surah 107, Al-Ma'un - Assistance

Verse 1
Ara'ayta Alladhi Yukadhibu Bi-Din
Have you seen - or observed - him who denies Religion?

Dee has several meanings and is translated or interpreted according to context. In the above Ayah it may refer to Religion, Faith, Creed or Belief. Some scholars are of the view that Din in this context refers to the Day of Judgment.

Verse 2
Fadhaalika Alladhi Yadu'u al-Yateem
That is the one who repulses the orphan.

Verse 3
Wa La Yahuddu 'Ala Ta'aami-L-Miskin
And does not urge the feeding of the needy.

Verse 4
Fawaylun Llilmusalleen
So woe to those praying ones

Verse 5
Alladhina Hum 'An Salaatihim Saahun
Those who are unmindful of their prayers.

In other words, those who adhere to the rituals of Salaat yet perform no good deeds corresponding to their professed faith.

Verse 6
Alladhina Hum Yuraa'un
Those who want to be seen.

People who pray and/or do deeds only for the purposes of being acknowledged and praised by the world - but whose hearts are devoid of real belief. Such are the boastful ones - show-offs.

Verse 7
Wa Yamna'una Al-Ma'un
And they deny all assistance (to their fellow man)

According to the translators, Al-Ma'un refers to daily items of use - and is generally taken to mean help, assistance and small kindnesses.

This Surah constitutes a warning and is in the nature of a reminder to those who claim faith and yet deny it by their actions - or lack thereof. It reveals that worship - in the form of Salaat, or indeed, any of the other ritual acts associated with one's Deen - is rendered pointless and meaningless unless it is combined with mercy towards the weak and meek, as well as a willingness to offer help to them. Further, it highlights the type of mentality that employs religion in order to show off - whereas in actual fact, such a one would deny his/her fellow man small kindnesses, being possessed of no generosity.

Thus, if behaviour, conduct and attitude remain unaffected by the worship one engages in, this effectively means that it - ie., worship - has been and is being rejected by Allah SWT. The application of Faith must be complete and not haphazard or selective - those who are choosy in matters of Religion, following only what their personal preferences find suitable and rejecting what they dislike are devoid of real belief.

Neighbours, communities and nations ought to be manifestly impacted by the faith of believers - the latter are required to actively help others, provide assistance where-ever possible and improve the lives of those in their immediate environment. Allah SWT does not need worship - HE Is Independant and Self-Sufficient. When HE Accepts the worship and faith of people HE enables them to bring about changes within and outside of themselves which are productive, beneficial and constructive. In the final analysis, Faith is about being Faithful to Al-Khaaliq.

Allahu 'Alam

Translations from:
The Message Of The Qur'an, by Muhammad Asad.

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