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A Universe Of Hope

Traversing the realms of both the hidden and manifest had illuminated his mind and enlightened his soul. Journeying through a myriad paths opened up to his heart visions of splendid radiance. Yet, that which he sought remained beyond his reach. A world of distance lay between him and the unattainable one.

A yearning enfolded his being, a seeking and a striving which could not ever be wholly comprehended. A desire left unfulfilled and a reality never to be realized. He acknowledged with humility that he could see and hear ony the near and not the far. Travelling beyond the face of space, gazing upon the countenance of time - he asked them, "Is there any hope remaining for me?" His question went unanswered. He whispered quietly to himself. His thoughts did not reply. He called out to the upper heavens, gazing at the deep night in expectation. His cry of despair met with no response.

Amidst the stillness of the green meadows he experienced profound sadness. He suffered the loss of all light. Gathering pools of tears dropped - his eyes knew no joy. As weariness enveloped him, he eventually fell asleep. Dreams presented themselves to him as all of creation spoke..

day refused to dawn..
night refused to set..
stars refused to sparkle..
moon refused to glow..

breeze refused to sigh..
clouds refused to disperse..
rain refused to fall..
thunder refused to clap..

lightening refused to strike..
sun refused to shine..
birds refused to sing..
flowers refused to bloom..

rivers refused to flow..
oceans refused to wave..
minds refused to think..
hearts refused to beat..

souls refused to rest..
time refused to move..
space refused to expand..
life refused to live..
death refused to die...

He awoke in startled surprise. He read messages from all parts of the Universe and smiled. It seemed as if all of creation smiled too - beauty proclaimed its presence. The light of hope returned and accompanied him to destination's end.

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