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The Devil has resolved upon seeking spiritual, intellectual, political and emotional asylum. He claims he has been treated with supreme injustice - in fact, his entire experience as a Being has been blighted with the worst possible form of torture. His statements make for compelling reading.

Satan has approached a world-renowned Barrister, who specialises in such cases. The great Lawyer has promised to give top priority to his notorious Client. Lucifer has provided documentary evidence of his mistreatment, the unbearable oppression he has had to endure on account of his beliefs - he asserts his absolute innocence in the face of the monstrous charges brought against him by the Books of Divine Wisdom. Though he denounces their allegations, his tone is, nevertheless, conciliatory. His only desire is to be accepted by Man, that together they may perform deeds of tremendous and earth-shattering import. The Barrister consults with his four illustrious colleagues, as Satan embarks upon a concerted media campaign to clear his name.

Satan claims that Man - offspring of his famous forbear, Adam - has been granted special status. He alleges that humans have always been accorded greater rights, preferential treatment and enjoyed far more benefits than he has. Iblees weeps profusely, much anguish is in evidence as he recounts the manner in which he was thrown out of his heavenly abode. He expresses profound despair at the way all of creation has turned against him. He is alone and freindless in a Universe composed of such striking Beings.

The international corporate media have ceased covering wars, conflicts and political strife. Journalists have been ordered to report this story from every concievable and inconcievable angle. Sophisticated cameras are trained upon the devastatingly attractive countenance of the Eternal Tempter. Even those who earlier claimed to be unbelievers find the photo-shoots and interviews rivetting. The many faces of Satan are to be found upon virtually every newspaper and magazine cover. In the meanwhile, religious leaders are scrambling across the globe to get their voices heard and their position in regard to the Devil clarified - appalled and fearful for the imminent destruction of Man and the advent of the Day of Judgement.

Lucifer's defence is that he never - deliberately - intended to misguide or mislead Adam. He assures the world that he certainly did not set out to defy his Creator - nor did he ever want Adam to. He states with tears in his opaque eyes, that he was only teasing Adam, indeed, joking with him - when he encouraged him to approach the Tree of Life Eternal. He did not realise the terrible consequences that would follow upon this innocent jest. He was mortified beyond measure and expression on the occassion of Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden.

Iblees claims that his actions, motivations and intentions have been grossly misinterpreted and misconstrued. He implicitly - though never explicitly - attacks the Books in which his conduct has been so severely slated. The Devil reveals utter exhaustion, he has sought asylum in all parts of creation - yet asylum has been denied to him. He has now made the long, arduous journey to earth, hoping that the dwellers of it would not shun him.

He hopes that Man will treat him kindly and uphold his right to freedom of speech and expression. He knows humans to be intelligent and compassionate, never turning aside from the opportunity of doing a good deed. He recognizes with great appreciation that Man is ever striving to grant asylum to unfortunate creatures who have been cruelly and heartlessly cast out of their homes. He is seeking refugee status, but hopes to contribute positively and constructively in his new abode - should his asylum request be granted.

Satan is convinced that once his Barrister has set forth the truth of his case, Man will hasten to assist and help him. He insists he requires no food nor shelter, merely a space to occupy - so that he may continue upon his noble endeavour of trying to persuade the good people of this planet that evil is by no means bad, it is but a form of artistic expression, creativity manifested through the performance of atrocious actions. He urges people to reconsider their definition of Evil, and thus to attain comprehension of its essentially harmless nature.

"My dears ! You must not despise evil nor avert yourselves from it. We are all inherently sinful - do not suppress the natural inclinations which are the fruit of evil minds! Freinds - what a life lived in denial if you never experience the joys of committing unceasingly dreadful deeds!" Exclaimed Lucifer to the world's press, during his many encounters with the mass media.

The Devil confesses to being thoroughly evil - but in a good-hearted way, and not in the way portrayed by his many detractors. He does not wish for Man to suffer punishment, on the contrary, Satan is most concerned for his welfare and well-being. He knows people are terribly weak and, therefore, in dire need of guidance. Satan is more than willing - indeed happy - to be the guide human beings so desperately require. The Evil-Doer assures everyone that there is nothing to fear from him. As a matter of fact, Iblees would love to have as many people as possible for company in Hell - his final destination - otherwise he may find himself rather lonely. All of them together would surely enjoy themselves once they ultimately landed in that fiery abode. However, Satan is quick to inform his listeners that Hell is not the hell it has been made out to be - it is not the horrendous place as described in the Books. Actually, Lucifer says, with a smile and a gleam in his eye, Hell is quite a nice place, most picturesque, and very tastefully decorated. Lots of fire to keep one warm and any amount of junk food..

The Barrister, having read in great detail Satan's application for asylum, arrives at a momentous decision in consultation with his famous partners. At the same time, Iblees is reasonably - though reason is not one of his virtues, since he possesses none - certain that his appeal will be entirely successful. His being is consumed with dark passions, their density known and witnessed by none except The One. He considers Man to be a pathetic creature - given to self-adulation, easily misled and manipulated. The Devil views with satisfaction the mayhem in the world - the chaos and confusion. He delights in the knowledge that whilst there are many houses of worship there are few - if any - real worshippers. The evil insinuations with which he causes people to go astray have been so successful as to make him laugh with glee - and cringe in terror at the Judgement awaiting both him and his foolish playmate.

For Man is nothing but a playmate to Satan. The Devil - seething with jealousy and hatred since the creation of Adam - resolved to play every kind of evil game with him. That he has hardly ever failed is more a testament to Man's weakness than his own talents - however great these talents may be. Shaitaan is entirely pleased at the level of moral and intellectual corruption in the world. Whilst he observes with a sense of accomplishment how Religion has been relegated - nay, all but discarded! The Devil concedes that he was created for a particular reason. His assigned task is to tempt Man - and direct him to complete annihilation. Lucifer has fulfilled his function as eternal tempter. Yet, truth be told, Iblees does not have any power nor any control over people. He has merely been granted the permission - and therefore, the ability - to strive to alienate Man from all that is good.

Satan reflects upon his role as evil-doer, ever present and ever-ready to provoke, incite, insinuate, whisper, goad, encourage Man into the commission of vile acts. People, though, have no excuse for falling prey to Lucifer's machinations. They cannot claim to be ignorant of his existence and purpose - it is written in all the Books. Mankind will not be able to apportion blame when the Time comes, he will not have any argument to put forward in his defence on that Day. He has been warned - repeatedly.

As Satan contemplates the fate of Man - inextricably tied to his own - the Barristers approach him. Lucifer smiles broadly, his countenance expressive of hope. The Devil is certain that the final victory is within his grasp. To preside over the total destruction of Man once and for all is the reason for his being, the very justification for his wretched existence. Defeat is for Adam and his offspring - not for Shaitaan, the arrogant and vain.

The Barristers provide Iblees with their judgement and the grounds upon which it is based. In the light of the overwhelming depravity already present in the world they do not believe that the Fount of all Evils' presence would make matters any better. On the contrary, they are firmly of the opinion that should Satan be granted the asylum he seeks - evil would come to be regarded as normal and consequently good as abnormal. The innocent have a right to be protected, they may become targets of Satan. The Devil begins to cry over this grave injustice - and hotly denies that he would ever pursue or persecute anyone who disagreed with his unique ideologies. The Barristers are totally unmoved at this show of emotion on the part of Lucifer - since they know he is devoid of all feeling.

They inform the Devil that they will see to his immediate removal - and make known to him an abiding truth. They inform him that Man may be possessed of faults, failings and flaws, but he has the ability to change himself and may yet do so. Satan's open presence in the world, blatantly proclaiming and celebrating the virtues of evil would deny Man the chance to change. The conclusion of the Barristers and Shaitaan coincided - he acknowledged that he was evil incarnate and that Man was extremely vulnerable to his undoubted charms.

Iblees gazed at the five men with bitter hatred. This hatred manifested itself in the form of a powerful message, they were henceforth enemies - and he would strive to the utmost limit to see these men in the hellish abode he himself was destined for.

The men looked at Lucifer without fear. He realized then that he had been out-manouvered by men of Faith. He said nothing - and after a short while he made a move to leave. As he turned away from them, he said quietly -

"I'll see you in hell".

The men remained silent for a brief time, and then one of them replied -

"Hell is for the blind - not for the seeing. We have full conviction that our paths are never likely to cross again."

As the Devil and his entourage were being evicted from the earth, the five men entered the place composed of light. Their prayers ascended upward and were heard by the All-Hearing. HE intended to withold Judgement until the appointed Time. In the meanwhile, the men were commanded to continue upon their vital task.

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