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Being Nothing

His one abiding desire was to be embraced by nothing, to merge with nothing.
There would then be no choatic and obsessive thoughts - they but gave rise to tormented emotions. There would be no pain or suffering and no joy or peace.

There would simply be - nothing. He lost himself in profound contemplation of the reason for being and what not to "be" really meant. Imagination engaged in conversation with perception - he listened with interest, though the answers to his questions lay undiscovered.

Suddenly, tears formed and then descended, creating rain that watered the green gardens in paradise. Peace confronted grief .

To witness was to endure..
endure the anguish of the multitudes
endure the silence of the masses
endure the fear of silence and sound.
Oh Lord of silence and sound!

His gaze travelled upwards and glimpsed shimmering light - does light speak? Or is it destined to remain forever quiet? His heart was inscribed with the memory of aeons - time manifested itself to him in the regions of his illuminated mind.

Beings live, decay and die. Nothing can never be. Once you are some thing you cannot ever be another thing or any thing else, not even nothing - nothing is akin to nowhere, but where is nowhere?

The meanings of these inner wanderings left him confused. He neither knew nor understood the company of his own reflections. He felt oppressed. Oppression of the self, by the self. Whilst his soul awaited freedom and release.

Endure and then escape. That was the true meaning of life. Remote had he always been from the vanities of unrealities and the futility of pleasures. He was seeking only to soar above, beyond and away from the world of pretence.

These realms had not recognized his essential being - yet had elevated and worshipped him. He declined to sit upon the glittering pedestal which had been prepared for him. His rejection of lies founded upon deceit and conceit transformed him in the unseeing eyes of those who had claimed love for him. He was re-shaped into a man bitterly detested and reviled. He smiled. He had attained a degree of success - he remained undefeated. "You had no real knowledge of me" he whispered to his erstwhile freinds, as the day withdrew to reveal the night.

He experienced the hope of anticipation - to escape into the tender yet mysterious arms of nothing. No being, being nothing. A dream, a reality, a truth. Only ever envisaged but never seen. Escape..escape..escape...

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