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The Prize-Giving

The ceremony was in full flow, progressing most excellently. All who had gathered were most beautifully attired. They smiled at one another, happy to be amongst such a rare gathering of greats.

"And the Trophy for best perfume is awarded to Rose, for exuding the most delightful scent." Announced the Host.

There was hearty applause, the birds broke into an impromptu song, the bees buzzed with pleasure, and the butterflies flew nearby.

Rose looked startled and embarrassed. She rose elegantly to the ocassion and delivered the following speech :

"I am profoundly honoured, and not a little taken aback, to be the recipient of this prestigious award. Everyone in this category deserves a prize, of that there is no doubt.

The audience happily concurred, and clapped loudly.

Rose continued :

"May I take this opportunity to thank all those responsible for making this moment possible," And she then proceeded to unroll a list as long as the day. "Many thanks to Nature who produced and directed me; thanks to the Sun for the illumination and enlightenment; thanks to the clouds who brought forth the rains; thanks especially to the Earth, our abode; thanks to.."

The speech continued on through the night, for Rose was loath to exclude any of those worthies who had so generously contributed to her success.

The following morning, the Oldest-Known Tree was presented with a special honour for its long years of service to All. It stood tall and dignified, whilst it accepted its award, and gave a short talk:

"Whilst I am indeed deeply honoured to be presented with this prize, I cannot but feel real sadness at the thought of all those of my brethren so cruelly cut down in the prime of their lives," the Tree wiped away a tear, as its branches trembled with emotion.

After a brief moment, during which the Tree sought to collect itself, it proceeded:

"Shelter, shade, and sustenance, has been utterly destroyed by the iniquitious doings of Mankind. A contradiction, my dears! For there is nothing kind about this wretched creature! May I be permitted to offer an alternative title for this species that arrogantly proclaims its humanity, yet thus far has exhibited little of it?" Cheers of support and encouragement from the audience prompted a sorrowful smile upon the aged countenance of the Tree.

"Let us, my friends, take the "human" out of humanity, and replace it with "insane", and therefore give to this ignorant creature stalking our Realm the label he deserves, "The Insane Race" or "Insanity"!"

There was much laughter in evidence, though many oceans of tears were also shed. The Oldest-Known Tree retired, noble as ever.

The Award Ceremony continued on. Many categories of Flora and Fauna recieved recognition for their valuable work in enabling Nature to be what it is.

Also mentioned in glowing terms, though not physically present, for obvious reasons, were the Mountains, who saw to it that the Earth did not sway by maintaining its balance; the deserts; valleys, seas; and so on. They were rewarded also for their outstanding beauty, and for providing the Heavens with a most tremendous view.

Special awards were presented to hurricanes; monsoons; earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons; thunderstorms; and the rest. They were given accolades for their awesome special effects, though often these effects were devastating, they gave to Nature the tools required to keep everything determined in accordance well-defined.

The Day and Night, the Moon and Stars, and all of Creations' very important personages, were among those present at the ceremony, they too recieved grateful mention, and generous rewards.

Thus ended another memorable Prize-Giving ceremony for the real stars of the Universe.

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