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The Terror Factor

War and Terror were engaged in top-secret negotiations in a well hidden location. The meeting had been hastily arranged, in order that both may be apprised of the current situation regarding Man's recent ventures.

They quietly perused the documents that lay strewn across their respective desks. Minnows in attendance saw to it that their employers' every whim and desire were met - the consequences of errors and mistakes were too awful to contemplate.

They consulted one paper in particular, that had been composed by one of their researchers. It was entitled "Man-Made Terror" :

"Man is engaged in all forms of terrorism :

Religious terrorism - people claiming superiority and supremacy for their beliefs, practices, and traditions.

Intellectual terrorism - the belief that knowledge is the sole invention and preserve of a particular nation or
civilisation.This intellectual contempt for the achievements of past and present nations and civilisations, leads to a corruption and distortion of knowledge and truth.

Political terrorism - the belief that a particular system of government - with a corresponding set of laws - is the only way to attain material progress and social cohesion. Meaningless terms being invented and employed by morally bankrupt politicians, such as "third world" - I have not been able to discover any such place - "globalisation" "pluralism" "liberalism" "deomcracy" "free world" and so on.

Environmental terrorism - the belief that one may do as one pleases with the natural world. Flora and fauna becoming extinct, natural resources being wasted, food that ends up on pavements for people to trample upon

Spiritual terrorism - spiritual vandals who are terrified of Faith, terrified of death, of the unknown, and terrified of their own shadows.

Moral terrorism - the idea that one may indulge every desire of the self, self-absorption and self-aggrandisment being the fashion of the times. Self-interested and self-centred individuals traversing the world to satisfy the self.

Fear of terrorism - peoples live in extreme terror of one another. There is no peace nor hope of ever attaining it, fright resides in the heart of every condemned soul.

My discoveries lead me to the inevitable conclusion that the list of terrorist activities committed by Man seems endless."

"Hmm. I am afraid this seems entirely inadequate. We require a great deal more than these silly endeavours in order to conquer and control," said War.

"Well, its not too bad, you must admit. I have managed to insinuate myself into his every thought process and action. Why, this inept creature cannot survive without me !" laughed Terror.

"Yes, yes, my dear fellow," replied War, impatiently, "However, we must engineer something spectacular if we wish to destroy Man, and then dominate this Realm," It continued.

"Have no fear. I have plans," responded Terror.

"You mean, this current "War On Terror?" " queried War.

"That is nothing but a mere spat between kids in the playground!" said Terror, dismissively.


"Listen. This contemptible creature only ever employs your services in cases of emergency. You are the last port of call."

"Yes, indeed," sighed War.

"I, however, intend to ensure that Man resorts to your good self first, without any prevarication, hesitation, or consultation," said Terror.

"How?" asked War.

"You leave the how to me," smiled Terror, its countenance reflecting its name.

"Ah! Then, then, my friend, the end is nigh! And, you and I shall reign supreme, as is our right!" shouted War, thumping the desk with his massive fist, his face aglow with fire, his demeaner torn with desire.

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