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The Clock

"Where am I ?"

A gentle murmur arose, as if the cool breeeze was in converse with the warm night.

"Please help me.."

On the edge of sound, a whisper became discernible. All senses were strained to capture the words that seemed to be floating upon the breath of Creation. He struggled against the invisible force restraining him, and attempted to retrieve the words that were swirling all around him.

"Here lies journey's end."

Confusion enfolded him like a mantle. He was not aware of having embarked upon any journey. Though he was not conscious of having travelled, it was apparent that he had indeed traversed vast distances. He had arrived at a destination. Here. But, where was here?

"Tell me," he implored.

"The clock," replied his mysterious Companion.

The clock, had it, perhaps, stopped ? Was he late or too early? What time was it?

"The time, what time is it?" he asked.

"There is no time."

"No time!"

"It has ceased to be"

He had attained journey's end. And, in this place time no longer existed. All was incomprehensible to him. How was it possible for him to have arrived here, when he had made no plans for departing from anywhere ?

"Has all time ended ?" he asked

"For you."

"Only for me?"


"But why? Please, please, I implore you, help me to understand," he cried, desperately.

"The clock stopped ticking."

"Whose clock, what clock?"


Comprehension dawned. He realized the truth. Yet, he found it almost impossible to accept it. He had no option but to accept that which was inevitable.

There was a colossal sense of loss, a void in his mind, an emptiness of being. All that he had was gone, never to be restored. There was to be no return for him. He had spent the greater part of his life clock watching. He recalled the innumerable occassions when he had exclaimed - "not now " or "I'm too busy" or "later maybe" or "for pete's sake, I have no time right now" or "I have to meet this deadline."

These had been his constant refrains, the means by which he strived to put everything and everyone at a distance. Impatiance had been a virtue for him, he was ever attempting to outrun and outpace time. Now, now it was that Time had left him behind, it no longer required him. It had no time for him.

Silence spoke to him of lost opportunities, of neglect, indifference, rejection. It condemned him for having wasted his time in meaningless, useless pursuits. He never sought the true purpose of his presence in this world, he had denied any validity to eternal truths. This truth now confronted and accused him.

"Does silence speak?" he asked, through his grief.

"In this Realm everything is accorded a voice that is heard."

"So this, then, is death?"


"The clock was commanded to halt when Time withdrew"

"The clock?"

"Your heart"

"The heart, it is a clock?"

"Yes, it ticks away the seconds, minutes, and hours, recording all that it sees, hears and bears witness to. When its term has been completed, it stops."

"It stops beating," he sighed.

"Life is a mere fragment composed of time," said his veiled Companion.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I am the Infinite, the Eternal, the Beginning and the End. I am Time Absolute."

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