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The Purpose Of Knowledge

The universe is founded upon the All-Encompassing Knowledge of its Creator, HIS Masterpiece Reveals HIS Word, Will and Way. All that has been created and is unceasingly coming into being occurs in accordance with an inner Truth, please see 3:191; 10:5; 38:27.

The function of knowledge, therefore, is five-fold:
a) It informs Man that there is One Creator, Whose Creativity/Activity is constant;
b) it reveals the existence of things;
c) it conveys their true nature;
d) it supplies evidence of a Realm beyond that which is seen;
e) it thus manifests the essential unity underpinning creation.

It is important to bear in mind that each human being has been granted knowledge which no other can or does possess - this is borne of personal experiences, inclinations, thought-processes, qualities, abilities and so on. Thus, knowledge is a living, breathing, dynamic force which is unfolding itself every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year - in unceasing motion rather like the movement of creation.

The inner purpose, therefore, of human knowledge is to share/propogate/teach/convey it - when such communications take place between peoples, pieces of a vast jigsaw puzzle are brought together and form a huge canvas upon which beautiful words of infinite and eternal truths are painted and made manifest. In this sense, Mankind partakes of its fruits - the tree extending its branches far and wide, offering shade, shelter and sustenance to all.

No competition is worse or less intellectually acceptable than the competing over who possesses more knowledge about any of its varied categories - none owns complete knowledge about a particular subject nor knows everything about all things. Such competition is reflective of a closed mind and perhaps reveals a nature that is envious. Humility is essential in acknowledging that whatever one knows is extremely limited and the great benefits in learning from others.

In the final analysis, Man may acquire great knowledge and pass it onto subsequent generations and civilizations - yet the availability of this tremendous gift will always be limited to time and space. The Source, Owner and Lord of Knowledge is exclusively The All-Knowing, Truly Wise Creator.


Allahu 'Alam

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