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The Purpose Of Religion

The endeavour of the mind is to seek the truth about the purpose of existence, the reason for being. If the heart is far from peace, it often beats against itself, opposing creation and all it contains - it denies all things except desire and its fulfillment.

There are times when Man is so torn, that his each and every facet is following a religion of its own. To follow, copy, imitate, is inherent in Man. If he is not following vain ambition, he is then preoccupied in following one he considers superior to himself. Everyone requires a role model, though modern Man may follow the example of his role model subconsciously, unwilling to admit the necessity for such a thing.

Since Man is an original, his origins intrigue him. Great effort is expended in striving to answer this question. Science is the new religion, so it satisfies those who are content with the mere outward appearance of things. Delving beyond the seen is deemed to be a futile excercise. Only the witnessed, observed, experienced, endured, can be said to constitute Reality. Reality cannot include or involve the unseen, simply because, by definition, it remains outside the realm of our perception and imagination. Thus, that which has never been seen cannot, does not, exist.

Religion encompasses existence in all its phases and states. Religion is older than Man. Creation is a religious environment, in which all things and beings submit to Laws that were instituted at the moment they emerged from nothing into something. No entity can escape these Laws, nothing is capable of surviving without them. Submission and surrender are the hallmarks of Religion, the essence of worship. Man worships all manner of things. Most of his objects of worship are things he created, or creatures belonging to Creation. Because Man is by nature creative and inventive, he often has many gods, these describe his needs and desires, and reveal his inclinations and tendencies.

Man is weak and impatient, easily led, eager to follow any pop star, politician, or president, indeed, whatever idea appeals to his self-interest, like sheep, he meekly succumbs. Fashionable, trendy, and seemingly modern terms, phrases, slogans, make Man believe that he is in tune with the times. Even if these times simply reflect times of antiquity disguised to fool the unthinking and the ignorant.

In Sacred Scriptures, the Creator Speaks to the soul HE created. These Communications from the Lord of Creation, reveal the truth about the purpose of creation, the reason for existence. As creation is one, it must needs flow from one Source. And, in accordance with Wisdom, all things return to their Source of origin. Man and beast indeed return to the Earth from which they emerged, and recieved sustenance. The Sustainer and Maintainer of the Universe, conveys to Man HIS Messages, these are intended as a means of solace, comfort, and guidance. They contain warnings and admonition, the All-Knowing lays wide open the truth about the complex nature of Man, the light and the dark, the satanic and the angelic, the compassionate and the cruel, the loving and the hate-filled, the jealous and the generous. Man has all the attributes that enable him to attain an exalted state, and all the desires that cause him to descend to the depths of depravity. The All-Seeing One endows HIS best creation - Man - with every ability, and many opportunities. Man has the means, the method is revealed through the life-example of the Creator's Messengers. The role models for Man, are the Prophets, the most modern of men.

The educated and intelligent can often be found to be the most vociferous in his opposition to Religion. His terror of Religion is in equal measure to his fear of the unknown. Fear of faith is as ancient as Faith itself. The clever man points with delight and disdain at the practitioners and adherents of Religion, especially if these exhibit signs of extremism or display excesses in their acts of devotion. Yet, the most serene and content amongst Men is the one who fears neither the known nor the unknown - accepting both to be aspects of one and the same reality. Thus, the true believer is found to be at peace within himself, and at peace with the world. Whilst all around him, argumentation and disputation continue on about the uselessness and meaningless of Religion. Man-made systems and laws of governance are short-term and time-bound - a manifestation of his transitory existence. Eternal laws cannot be replaced or substituted, if they are, chaos ensues, because the temporary can never supplant the permanent.

The Revelations are in the nature of a Reminder to Man. Reminding him of his origins, of his sustenance and its source, of his responsibilities and obligations towards himself and all things. Ultimately, the Revelations are intended to remind Man - who desperately seeks immortality - of his inevitable demise, and finally, his return to face his Creator. In short, the Revelations remind Man of his return - his destiny lies not in this realm, but in the next. To think otherwise, is to believe in the unbelievable. Thus, a call to Reason informs Man that nothing is ever created without purpose, that all things act in accordance with their nature, and nature itself is resurrected from the death of life.

Through Grace and Mercy, the Soveriegn of Creation, created Man that he may know, worship, serve and love HIM. However, the soul of Man is sometimes silent, often dead. Awakening or enlivening a silent or dead soul, is impossible, unless the Creator of that soul sees that which none can. Only HE has the power to create life from death, and death from life. The Will of the Loving One is Absolute. Nevertheless, HE has granted free will to Man. Man may be subject to all the universally enfolding Laws of Creation, yet, he might still be in stubborn opposition to them. He may accord these Laws no more than a fleeting thought, claiming them to be nothing more than a series of accidents and coincidents. Clearly, Man loves to delude himself. Intricacy and complexity exist by design. Construction and production precede decay and destruction. Ordered matter - whether material or spiritual - follows patterns that are based upon Justice and Equity. Nature is not self-sustaining, it is sustained by the attributes it is endowed with, and the Laws within which it operates.

It pleases Man to consider himself self-sufficient, this because he tends towards conceit and vainglory. He hates to admit he is reliant or dependant upon forces outside of his control, beyond his senses. He refuses to believe in that which he cannot see or visualise or even imagine, he therefore turns away from accepting the possibilty that a realm or realms as yet unseen may and do indeed exist.

Religion requires belief in worlds that are as real as this one. In fact, religion demands its adherents to reflect upon the seen, and contemplate that which is not seen. Contemplation and reflection lead to insight. Insight is a bridge between this world and the next. Only those who have comprehended the necessity for religion know it to be true. Without religion, free-will becomes meaningless, and responsibility for ones actions no longer hold weight. Being Judged by one's Creator on a Promised Day of destiny, gives to life and existence its purpose, its direction, its reason for being.

If the Unseen did not exist, neither would the Seen. Since the Law of opposites is an established fact of creation - it follows logically that as the Seen exists, so too does the Unseen.

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