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Predestination Precedes Free-Will

Creation is governed by the Law of predestination, everything existing within it has a pre-determined purpose and time-limit - all of which is measured according to that which enables it to function in harmony and with unity.

Mankind is the only creature to have been endowed with free-will, though this is extremely limited. Free will is essentially related to control over action, so in this sense alone human beings may determine their actions. They have no choice, however, in regard to that which is beyond their control, such as for example - where they are born or to whom, where, when, how and why they will die.

Individual free will is dependant upon many factors culminating in order to perform whatever action may be required or desired. At the same time, there are an infinity of ways and means which may prevent an action being completed.

There is also collective will, for example, when a nation decides to engage in warfare. Here the body of opinion is weighted in favour of a particular course of action, so that individual free will becomes inextricably linked to the will of others. Or, in the current dismal economic climate many people have suffered through loss of employment, seeking work when none is available inhibits and frustrates the need to control one's actions and thus the direction of one's destination. In addition, when we consider the fact that illness, disease and decay are very much a part of life it is understood that these cannot be avoided. None wants or wills to be unwell, nevertheless everyone experiences ill-health. Here free will is prevented from operating as it ordinarily would - and this truth enables one to realize that the ability of humans to do as they will is exceedingly limited and has many constraints placed upon it.

In respect of actions, these are an outcome of pre-existing tendencies, inclinations, qualities, abilities, flaws, preferences and so on - they inform intentions which are the foundation upon which actions are built. Actions hold a 2-fold significance:

1) they impact upon the self and often others - though this may not be immediately evident

2) they lead to other related actions.

Also, free will being the determining agent by which an action is carried out results in the following:

A) the individual is solely responsible for his/her actions and their consequences.

B) he/she is held accountable for whatever they may have done.

Because The Creator is The Possessor of Absolute Knowledge, HE is fully aware of what people do and why. Since HIS relationship with mankind is not based upon coercion or compulsion HE does not force people to behave in a certain way - though they are, as is all creation - subject to HIS All-Encompassing Will. HE Enables mankind to act in a limited sense - though often his actions may be harmful, it is he alone who endures suffering on account of them. However, it is The Sustainer Who is Owner of time and space - the former permitting an action to come into being and the latter creating room for it to take form. Whatever the action may be it can only be carried out with the tools provided in and upon the Earth - all of which belong to The Provider. Thus, mankind owns nothing except his actions.

Mankind has free will but is nevertheless subject to the Laws of predestination, which reveal each individuals destination based upon his own actions and control over them. A choice of actions or several paths open before a human being determine his/her direction - which will he/she choose, which way will he/she go? Whatever individuals may decide to do, the choice is theirs to make and the consequences are therefore theirs to take.

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