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Exploring the nature of evil means travelling through the darkest regions of the heart of Man.

The heart is like a tree which provides shade, shelter and sustenance to every desire, need and wish. All that is beneficial and fruitful causes goodness to develop and grow, and that which is harmful and vile creates shadows where only the bad resides.

Evil begins and ends with gross injustice. Perhaps an inability to understand one's own nature leads to oppression of the self - causing injustice to flow outwardly and creating a world composed of dark deeds commited by the ignorant of soul.

Creation is finely balanced between opposing forces, light and dark, good and bad, true and false, right and wrong, and so on. Whenever an imbalance occurs, evil takes root and flourishes.

The evil that is marching across the countenance of this realm, disfiguring and mutilating it, has become the constant companion of Man. He no longer recognizes evil for what it is.

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