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Creation is composed of vast spaces, spaces containing all manner of matter - planets, moons, stars, comets, and so on.They all travel through time and space, run their appointed courses - and then draw near to the end of their life-span, as designated and as ordained. They finally come to rest - they fall asleep. Some may evolve into other matter, after their rest is complete - others remain at sleep, permanently.

Sleep is a kind of interlude from activity, everything is in motion, moving from one stage to the next, from one state to the next, from one action to the next. All things need respite, they require rest from their constant activity. Since everything has been assigned a definite task, a function accorded to it, in order to properly and correctly fufill this function, everything must stop or pause. This temporary break from motion and action is necessary and without it, everything would break up or spin out of control.

Sleep is a beautiful way of moving through time. Time not only moves everything forward, but also permits everything to pass through it. As the sleeping take rest, creation continues on upon its long journey through light. Creatures sleep, some through the day, some through the night. The earth sleeps, seasons arriving and departing - bringing with them life in the form of rains, so that sleeping winter gives way to arising spring, and spring giving way to awaking summer - and summer leaving to give way to drowsy autumn - autumn finally fading to cause winter to return.

Mankind sleeps a great deal. Without sleep - or rest - Man behaves as if he is drunk. He is incapable of prolonged activity, actions tire and exhaust and even weaken him. His life is so intense, and he lives at such a high level of intellectual, emotional and physical consciousness, that any deprivation of sleep causes him to suffer a complete collapse. Man is also endowed with the ability to dream whilst asleep.

Sleeping is life being withdrawn, some may never return to their earthly existence - others return, awake from their sleep, and are permitted to continue on for a short while. As Man falls asleep, he moves from one state of being into another. Life is in transition during sleep. Dreaming is another aspect of being and reality. Man may witness himself in places he has never seen, visited, or imagined. He may encounter people he has never met, known or seen. He may be with those he loves - or those he hates. He may find himself saying something extraordinary, or doing something awesome. He may see himself committing good deeds or evil deeds. Whatever his sub-conscious wishes to convey to him, it reveals itself through his dreams.

There are also those dreams that are granted to some - dreams that are destined to come true. These are messages - dreams being the means by which they are delivered. Dreams that come true foretell a Day when all sleeping and dreaming shall cease and when all of reality shall be revealed in its entirety, the veil of appearance being sharply torn away forever.

Sleeping reminds Man of his demise, and his waking up from sleep reminds him of his resurrection. Living is partial reality, a truth that is manifestly concealed beneath layers and layers of light. Sleeping can be similarly described, it too is partial reality, concealing the rest of creation from veiw, from thought. Upon awakening, a new reality steps forward. Upon resurrection, truth steps forward, and speaks.

Everything rests, and then returns. Until such a time arrives when all shall return to their true abode. Sometimes the sleeping give the impression that they are dead. Like a tree whose leaves have fallen upon the changing of the seasons. It seems as if the tree will forever be in that state of undress or distress. And then, the seasons bring new life to it, new leaves. All of the earth's inhabitants - plant or animal - take rest. Gazing at the quiet gardens, empty of flower and scent, it seems as if they will never bloom again, as if the garden will remain forever in that barren state. And then the seasons bring watery news - flowers and their heavenly scent gladden the eye and heart once more.

All things sleep, therefore. And all things awake, eventually. Life is moving inexorably on towards its final destination. Some believe Man cannot return to his original state, once he is dead he is dead, impossible that he could be resurrected. But all of creation and the earth belie that suggestion, belief or denial. Everything revolves and returns, everything dies and then new life is regenerated through the old. Everything sleeps and then wakes up.

Sleep speaks to us, sometimes quietly and sometimes loudly. Its languages are many -sleep is a peaceful break between living and dying. Sleep is dying as we live. All actions, intentions, thoughts, ideas, hopes, wishes and desires, cease. Sleep takes over, and transports Man from doing to simply being. Sleeping and waking - living and dying. Waking and sleeping - leaving our physical bodies and becoming the spiritual beings that we really are. Sleeping - life lived through a different kind of vision, seeing with one's eyes closed. Waking - life resurrected through the element of water (water being the means by which all of life is resurrected or recreated) - this time seeing that which we were unable to envision as we lived or as we slept. None can see as they sleep, vision is redefined and reshaped - seeing is transformed into insight. None can truly see as they awake, vision is focused and concentrated, limited to space and time.

Sleep is formed as a measure to permit Man to reflect, to contemplate life as it is - as it is intended to be. In the inert, inactive state Man is reduced to the defenceless, vulnerable, weak creature that he really is. The breath of Life enlivens, illuminates all levels of his being. When it wearies - then Man seeks rest in the soft embrace sleep provides.

Everything is sleeping and then waking up. Everyone is escaping into sleep and reluctantly arising to confront new happenings. Sleep affords rest from worry and anxiety - sleep is dreaming of waking up to beauty, purity, nobility and truth. One day it shall.

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