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Gossip serves no useful purpose, it is devoid of function. Its effects are devastating upon both the perpetrators of this evil practice as well as the intended targets. It destroys individuals, families and communities.

Gossip is employed to elevate the self against others, it is thus a self-exalting form of communication. It may also be used to deride, humiliate, insult and abuse those considered to be of inferior race, creed, nationality or faith. The latter type of gossip requires the acquiesence - either active or passive - of entire nations or of their majority.

Gossip originates in thought - thinking or believing bad of other human beings. This is translated into words - either spoken or written. The language of gossip is rarely, if ever, good. Often it is cruel and harsh, and made up of the worst possible phrases, terms and concepts in order to emphasize or highlight the imagined or percieved inadequacies of the unfortunate victims.

Gossip does not speak highly of the gossip-monger/s, whatever may be the justification, excuse, or pretext for indulging in it. Regarding people of Faith, whilst certain kinds of food that are prohibited may be eaten under extreme circumstances, gossip is compared to the consumption of the flesh of one's dead brother and is, therefore, categorically condemned and outlawed. Please see Surah 49, Al-Hujuraat, Verses 11-12.

Prayer for protection from every kind of evil within and outside of oneself:
'Aoudhu Billahi Min Ash-Shaitaan Ir-Rajeem.
I Seek Refuge With Allah From Satan, The Rejected.

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